Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 14, 2008

Jampacked with Adventure, our Philippine Trip (Part 2)

I’m sure my wife, Pinky, will kill me for giving a blow-by-blow account of all the things that happened to us while in Manila.  I clearly remember her mentioning to me that she is so excited to update her blog with all the things that we experienced back home.  Unfortunately, my workload in the office is still manageable, which means more blog time for big daddy.  Anyway,  Pinky loves doing our digital photo albums in Multiply so I will just give her the liberty to do our photo stories, which are equally, if not, more interesting.

Anyway, going back where I left off, after a long night of partying with our MWG friends Pinky and I had to scramble our things and do our last minute packing for our 7am flight the following morning.  Fortunately, we were only allowed to bring a maximum of 10 kilos per person (including carry on) to the 19-seater propellared plane that was waiting for us beside the domestic airport.

Upon arrival at the waiting lounge, we were served with a light breakfast composed of sandwich, tea and coffee.  By this time, the emotions were building up.  I was so excited, to say the least.  After 10 years of being married and since we’ve moved to the Mid-East, this is the first time again that my better half and I would have time time away from our three children, whom, by the way, we all love very dearly.

We boarded the plane, which, to be honest, looked so small and ready to plunge back down to earth.  For some reason, I seem to have this fear of flying small planes due to the poor track record of these types of aircraft worldwide.  My fears were solidified when we encountered some turbulence, which caused the plane to literally drop a few feet on air.  Pinky looked so composed during the whole incident, while I was literally freaking out deep inside.  I tried to block the fear I was feeling since I knew that, soon, I would be in paradise (hey, beach lang yon and not heaven!).

We landed safely in the El Nido airport and were greeted by the locals who were gladly singing some Christmas songs (beside a carabao).  Snacks and drinks were served while we waited for the boat that would bring us to the resort.  While waiting, we were also introduced to the very personalized service of El Nido Resort through our events coordinator, Cindy (her real name is Cinderella Rivera, di ba so fairytale like).

Cindy gave us a list of all the activities we could do in the resort, which included several island hopping activities, kayaking, scuba diving and hiking to name a few.  For those who know Pinky and I, these activities are definitely out of our league.  Our idea of a great vacation is lazily laying on the beach under a shaded area while drinking cocktail drinks on the side or having a really great massage treatment. Sun burn – definitely a no-no! We almost panned the whole activity list but, after realizing that we paid an arm and a leg for this vacation, decided that we wanted to get the most out of it. 

The boat ride gave us a breathtaking view of the forty or more islands and islets, which were full of limestone cliffs apparently dating back to a thousand or so years ago.  Upon arrival at the resort, we were again greeted by the very warm and friendly employees, who made sure that our stay there would not be anything short of great.

My first impression of the Miniloc Resort was quite disappointing.  Located at a cove, the cottages and buildings looked like a small barrio with nipa huts and all.  Pinky and I have been fortunate enough to travel to several beach resorts before and, therefore, believe have every right to make a comparison.  Our previous travels to various resorts in Cebu, Ilocos and Davao have definitely placed so much pressure on Palawan, which many have regarded as “the” place to visit if in the Philippines. Fortunately, we later understood, that the whole simple and rustic look of the place is meant to keep the individual focused on the beauty of the nature that surrounds the resort and, therefore, keep the magic of the whole El Nido experience intact. El Nido promises total relaxation to everyone.

Speaking of relaxation, I think it’s time for me to relax my fingers and take a break.  I suggest that you guys also do the same (i.e relax your eyes) as this is just the first few parts of my novel.

I hope you guys come back.  Until next time.



  1. Welcome back! Suggestion lang, if you are at a loss for things to do, just remember your still unpacked suitcases and our filthy house begging to be cleaned… Get to work – whaapak! (*sound of cracking whip*) 😀

    Anyway, see you very, very soon! Believe it or not, I am so ready to go back to the kingdom – if only to be with you again (sweet di ba?) ;).

    Take care! Mwah!

    Wow, sweet… i miss the times when you would crack the whip at me… i like pain!

  2. guyyyys, get a room! hahaha!

    so pinky is still in pinas? wow extended vacay! 😀

    ako naman, i love small planes! i think they’re very personal 🙂 i can’t wait to see your pictures! uploaded na ba? may i raid pinky’s multiply na? makulit ba ako? 😀

    Sorry… just got carried away with the sound of the cracking whip!

    Yes, she is still in Pinas and due to fly in tomorrow, Thursday Jan17. But that is getting ahead of the story.

    Gosh, they are so scary Meeya. Although, it was a memorable experience. Sorry, Pinky has not really started uploading our pictures yet. I’ll post the link in my blog once she has done it.

  3. ang kj ni pinky o! hahaha! 😀

    keith, remind me not to board a small plane with you. 😛 ako rin, if i had the luxury of a beach vacation, i’ll just laze around on the shore kahit with a banig lang with a good book. haaay. that’s heaven on earth. kailan kaya?

    buti ka pa naka part 2 (and 3) na! 😀

    takot ka rin, weng? oh, that is really heaven… just lazily laying on the beach doing nothing… di bale, you can go to Mailbu and do all the sun bathing you want 🙂

  4. speaking of propelled planes. i remember a friend who joked about this airline called, asian spirit ba yon. that i should never get on tht aircraft, cause by the time i got to my destination, eh spirit na rin daw ako. hahahah!

    getting back to your story, if i was on that plane ride with you guys. i would probably be yelling on the top of my voice and praying out loud to not let the plane die out on us. hahaha! imagining this happening to me is both horrific and hilariously funny. hahahah 😀

    Oh, yes I heard of that one too… glad this was another plane otherwise, we may not have enjoyed our vacation at all.

    You said it Nell. I wanted to call everyones attention so we could start praying the Rosary. It was really scary. It is funny now to think about it but it is so different when you are flying several thousand of feet above the sea…. yeeeek!

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