Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 13, 2008

Jampacked with Adventure, our Philippine Trip (Part 1)

Our recent trip to the Philippines was one of the most eventful trips we have ever taken.  Everyday was packed with something to do or someone to meet.  Even though we were just in Manila a few months back, the thought of being back “home” even for just a few weeks was enough for Pinky and I to paint the town red like two crazy, deprived individuals.

We were hoping that our flight back to Manila would be uneventful.  But, like the days leading to our departure, it was anything short of that.  Luigi, our eldest son, started to have fever (again) on the plane.  Pinky gave him a doze of paracetamol, which we hoped would bring down his temperature and keep the whole family from being quarantined at NAIA.  Marga, who also just recently recovered from a viral infection, was starting to have a cold. 

Pinky and I could not get a restful sleep during the 10 hour flight, mostly as she was starting to become worried about the physical condition of our children while I had a difficult time looking for a comfortable position for Marga and I.  We were both so looking forward to landing in Manila where our families would be more than willing to take the next shift in caring for our brood.  Little did we know that our adventure was just about to begin.

Upon arrival at NAIA, Luigi’s fever went down and we successfully breezed through the heat sensor gadget that was aimed at all arriving passengers.  The line at immigration was long but we could not care less.  Pinky and I were ready to get our luggage and enjoy our vacation.

Travelling with three children in tow and tons of luggage is a nightmare.  Everytime we travel we try to squeeze all our things in four suitcases weighing approximately 30 kilos each.  In addition, we have a baby pram and several carry-on bags to complete our entourage.  Despite all these and our frequent travelling, we have never experienced any airline nightmare stories that we can share, until now.

While we were collecting our luggage from the carousel, we noticed that one of our luggage (containing mostly Pinky’s personal belongings) was missing.  Apparently, we later found out, that her things were left behind in Bahrain!  The timing of this incident could not have been any better, Pinky and I were scheduled to fly out to El Nido Resort in Palawan for our second honeymoon in two days.

Our personal experience with our preferred carrier, Gulf Air, was such a disappointment.  However, to go into detail as to how the company handled our situation is worthy of another lengthy blog.  So to make a long story short, Pinky’s personal belongings did not arrive on time and we had to make some last minute shopping in Alabang Town Center the day after we arrived. Talk about major harassment!

Despite all the harassment with Gulf Air, Pinky and I were not ready to make this unfortunate incident ruin our day.  After buying all her clothes, Pinky and I started partying the night away.  Our first gig was a dinner with our prayer group in Ligaya ng Panginoon, which after almost two years, was complete for the first time.  Aside from us, two other couples from the Group also moved to Singapore and the US of A the same time we did and this is the first time (and hopefully not the last) that we were reunited.  Our dinner at Poquito Mas in Westgate, Alabang was truly something to remember as we exchanged non-stop story telling and chit chatting.

Our first 36 hours on Philippine soil was such an experience.  But this was just the tip of the iceberg.  More adventures were in store for us in the coming days.  However, I will share these with you next time.

Until then.



  1. oh my! bakit hindi na kayo nilubayan ng sakit? and as for pinky’s missing suitcase, that was a blessing in disguise for her. 😉 more new stuff! nyahaha! i know how losing a suitcase can be such a hassle! anyway, i’m sure the rest of your vacation was fun, if only because you were in the company of people you hold dearest. 😀

    sinabi mo, weng… talagang until the end, puro sakit kami! hindi ko nga alam kung blessing in disguise yon… shopping in manila is so expensive, you really won’t believe it!

    tama ka rin, we enjoyed every bit of the time we spent with those closest to our hearts.

  2. i can relate about the tons of stuff we bring when we travel. i think i mentioned that on our trip home last year, there were eight of us in our group – 4 adults, 2 kids under the age of 3, and 2 seniors – and that translated to about 16 pieces of luggage (8 of which are boxes, hehe), 2 strollers, 8 handcarried luggages, 4 purses, and a wheelchair. thank God, nobody and nothing got lost, but it was just sooooo harrassing.

    anyway, enough about me, hahaha! i’m so sorry that the kids were still sick. i’m sure the wonderful weather (ehem) in manila helped? or do i have to read that on the next chapter? 😀

    weng is right, i’m sure pinky wasn’t that “concerned” about her missing luggage. as my hubby can attest (though grudgingly) retail therapy does wonders, guaranteed. 😀

    first 36 hours pa lang exciting na… on to the next. 🙂

    grabe, meeya.. i’m glad there is someone out there who can relate with us. talagang i will pay for anyone’s ticket to KSA if he or she can tell us the secret to how to travel light… ticket to KSA, mukhang walang tutulong sa akin ha… hehehe.

    Oh, yeah, I actually think she paid Gulf Air a big sum of money so they can delay the arrival of her luggage. She seemed perfectly happy doing the last minute shopping!

  3. ow wow, that’s indeed a hassle — luggage left in bahrain. but glad you guys kept the ball rolling. you need to give yourself a bit pat on the back for not letting this event get into you.

    and the kids getting sick, ohh that must have been awful. so glad to hear they got better. must be a huge relief, dba?

    golly, now i cant wait to read part 2…

    we had to make sure we went to Palawan, with our without our luggage. Pinky and I were so looking forward to that much needed vacation.

    yes, it was really such a hard time having the children all sick. hay… good all is okay now.

    Buti, Nell, you are feeling much better too.

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