Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 17, 2007



more day to go… Woot woot! 

Tomorrow evening we fly back to Manila and, as you can all see, I am very excited.  It is pretty weird given that I was just there a few months ago.  I think just spending Christmas back home again is something any Filipino will really look forward too.

Anyway, thanks ‘ya all for bearing with me as I did my own countdown.  During the past 10 days, we really could not fully enjoy the thought of being with family soon as the sickness that plagued our family, stress at work and last minute shopping stole all that from us.  But now, despite the colds that all our children still have and our unpacked luggage, our spirits are soaring high and we are ready to fly back home, where our families and the lechon kawali is waiting *Keith going wild now!*

Since I won’t be able to access the Internet for the most part of December, I have decided to end my countdown with a video, which my family and I painstakingly prepared last night.  Hope you all enjoy it.

I would like to greet all of you an advance merry Christmas and a New year filled with God’s choicest blessings!



  1. Ang gandah, Papa! Na-excite na rin ako! Iba talaga pag si Gary V ang background music e – hahaha! 🙂

    Am super looking forward to our holiday homecoming tomorrow. Tuloy na rin sa wakas!

  2. wow! i’m speechless. that was like in your face “babalik na kami!”. 😆 you kids have fun! do give our warmest regards to everyone! 😉

  3. and… blast off! 🙂 have a blast in pinas (especially for all of us who can’t be there this year)! 🙂 ikain mo na lang kami ng maraming lechon kawali, hehe.

    maligayang pasko!! 🙂

  4. have a happy and safe trip you guys! enjoy the wonderful holidays in manila 😉

  5. ahlaaaaahvit!!! 😀

    make sure you clap when you land at the airport with your matching denim jacket okay! for some reason, when we touched down from LA too, people started clapping too…i guess it’s the “in” thing to do nowadays, regardless of where you came from! 😉

  6. thanks guys, sorry just read all your comments now… we did have a great time in Manila. I’ll update my blog soon.

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