Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 16, 2007



more days to go…

Wow, what a build up!  Doing this countdown really does make you so excited.

Pinky and I feel much better now, so we decided to start packing our luggages last night – now we feel sick again! There are just so many things to bring home that we are starting to wonder how we will fit all those things and still meet the maximum luggage weight restrictions.  I guess we will just have to leave behind all the “Saudi Gold Blings” we bought for our loving family back home.  Rina, too bad you won’t be able to show off your new hepatitic yellow gold necklace to your friends in Malibu… next time na lang 🙂

Oh, I’m starting to write nonesense. That’s all for now.



  1. whahaaaaaaat!?! no bling bling for me!?! fine, fine, i’ll let it pass this time…but make sure next time it’ll be bigger and blingier, okay? we are all looking forward to seeing you all back here…especially me, since it’s been more than a year since i saw all of you. looking forward to your “1” post tomorrow! 🙂

  2. wow! uwian na! 😀 ako rin naeexcite for you guys. promise! i bet you can’t even get a shut eye anymore sa sobrang excited na umuwi! hee hee!

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