Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 15, 2007



more days to go…

Despite the fever and sore throat, the children and I decided to go to Rashid Mall and City Plaza to do our last minute shopping.  Pinky, who was in a much sorry condition than I was, needed to rest and the only way she can do that is for all of us to disappear – hence, the impromptu shopping.

This week we learned the most difficult part of living outside the Philippines and that is that life goes on even when Pinky and I both get sick.  As far as I can remember, this is the first time that Pinky and I felt ill at the same time.  Usually, it is only one or the other.   Unfortunately, the world does not stop because of some viral infection… there are still children to feed and take care of, food to cook and dishes to clean (other house chores can wait!). Hay, pathetic.  If that is not enough for any person to feel self-pity I don’t know what will.

Anyway, God is definitely good.  Despite all the challenges that He allows us to endure, He always makes sure that we are equipt with enough grace to handle whatever difficult situation that comes our way.

So there, after a terrible weekend, I am now back in the office and working double time to make all the stuff on my desk disappear. My days are counting and no viral infection is going to stop me now!



  1. tiis-tiis nalang.. pauwi na naman kayo ng pinas e 😛

    Sinabi mo KK… handa na akong umalis!

  2. siguro nakuha niyo yung virus from shoppping too much, hehe. i meant, kasi lagi kayong nasa mall and we know naman kung anu-anong virus at bacteria ang nagpi-piyesta dun! 😀

    anyway, i can understand yung concern mo about both you and pinky getting sick at the same time. sweet man na sabay ang hubby ang wifey sa lahat ng bagay, huwag naman sana pati sa sakit. 🙂

    with God’s grace and your family’s support, i’m sure KO mo yang virus na yan. 🙂 get well soon!

    meeya, sorry just read your comments now (jan 11). obviously, Pinky and I did a real KO of that virus. I guess, it really came from the mall – that’s why I am so against shopping. hehehe – excuse ko lang yon.

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