Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 14, 2007



more days to go…

and the white flag is up.  The last man standing is standing no more.

The children and I went to a KTV-Christmas Party last night at the Habib Compound, where our friend Dr Paolo Villafane graciously hosted the event.  It was a fun evening.  The boys rendered their version of the Journey, Summer Sunshine and a few Christmas songs.  Marga, after warming up, took the center stage with her own baby rendition of the songs and with matching dance number.  Needless to say, she was a hit.

Upon heading home, that was when I felt it.  My throat was starting to get sore and I was feeling a bit woozy.  I knew what had happened, I finally contracted the virus which took my whole family down for the past week. Hay, what a way to spend our weekend.

We are crossing our fingers that we will all be in tip top shape before the big day.

That’s all for now.  Need to rest.



  1. Hon, it truly is amazing that your illness notwithstanding, you still managed to hold the fort up, so to speak… that despite being sick yourself, you have been the source of strength that has been keeping us going in the face of the past week’s “annoying” developments…

    You are one blessing that our family will always be thankful for. We love you! Mwah! 🙂

    Hon, you have done your share of being our Florence Nightingale too. Two snaps for both of us!

  2. get well soon, keith! yakapsuls and kisspirins to you and the whole family! 😀

    Thanks, Weng!

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