Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 13, 2007



more days to go….

And I’m the last man standing.

Pinky has finally given in to the viral infection that has been plaguing our family for the past week.  Yes, she had fever last night and sore throat. If there is any good thing about this virus is that at least the fever it causes is normally low grade and does not last long… normally a day or two at most.  The bad side, however, is that after the fever goes away, you start getting rashes on certain portions of your body.  Rafa, Luigi and Marga all look like street children due to their red spots.  Before anyone gets worried, though, our Doctor confirmed that it is not Measles or German Measles.

I went to the mall last night, alone!  I know to most of you in the free world think that going to the mall alone is not such a big deal.  However, in this part of the world, going to a “family” mall by your lonesome is equivalent to you looking for trouble.  Hmm, may be I exaggerated a bit.  Anyway, I bought a few good stuff but was unable to complete our Christmas list. I guess, it is solo shopping for me again this weekend.

We are scheduled to do our packing today. Hope all goes well.

That’s all for now.



  1. Hon, ba’t dalawa yung entries mo na “6”? Nahilo ka na ata having to take care of your “ailing brood” – hahaha! 😀

    Truly appreciate your taking care of all of us … Love you! Mwah! 😀

    Thanks for chaging it. Mukhang nahilo na nga ako.

  2. nagulat din ako at “6” ulit! hee hee! anyway, good luck sa pagpapack. it’s one of my least favorite things to do…because I do it for all 3 of us. 😛 i hope everybody gets well soon! huwag ka na pahawa, ok? 😀

    Oh, I hate packing too. I normally do it the day before we leave that is why, most of the time, I forget a few things.

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