Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 12, 2007



more days to go….

Doing this daily countdown before we leave for Manila is pretty exciting.  For some reason, I look forward to searching Google for a decent image that I can use for my entry.  Now I know why Ate Ness enjoyed doing her countdowns before – the emotional build-up is just enough to kill you or, in her case, make you strip your clothes. Woo woo!

Anyway, 6 more days before we leave for Manila.  Rafael has finally recovered from his viral infection. Thank goodness.  However, Luigi and Marga are now down with the same illness. WHAT!

Yes, Pinky and I are really feeling the stress.  These children have to get well over the weekend otherwise we may have problems with our upcoming trip – NOOOOO! 

We have started to deplete our food supplies (so we don’t leave anything to spoil during our vacation) but this has sparked some disappointment with Rafael, who was looking for a snack last night.  Pobrecito na ang dating niya.

Luigi, despite his  current condition, remains the same hyperactive self.  He got 3 100% during his Mid Term Assessment in school (Rafael got 1 but the teacher has not given most of his grades yet so we don’t know how many more full marks he will have).  While “No!” girl, Marga, still keeps Pinky and I on our toes despite her viral infection.  She was making a fuss late last night since she wanted to watch Cora and Boot (i.e. Dora the Explorer and her friend, Boots).

My work, hay, still the same – pretty stressful now but I would rather not talk about it so as not to ruin my day.

That’s all for now.



  1. tama ka keith, don’t talk anymore about things that cause you stress as you are only inviting more stress to come to you. 😀 congratulations to the kiddos once again for their high grades! manang-mana kay pinky! joke! hee hee hee! 😀

    Weng, yup, that is one of the best mantras. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Glad to hear Tita Emmy is okay.

  2. as i commented on pinky’s blog, hopefully, you’re all ok na by the time i write this comment. 🙂

    with marga’s cora, naalala ko si ninna dati, she used to call dora, dura (malumi form naman pero still…), eeww. 😛

    meeya, children are so cute. i think we should make every effort to document their first words. they will thank us for that in the future.

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