Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 11, 2007



more days to go…

Woo! Woo! time is surely flying by so fast.  I can’t believe that in a week’s time we will be back again in the loving arms of our families who, I am pretty certain, are really looking forward to our return (uuuy, assuming!).

We went out last night to have dinner at Chili’s and proceeded to a nearby souk to buy a few pairs of Ipanema flip-flops, which Pinky and I were hoping to use during our vacation in Manila.  Unfortunately, the designs for men were very limited so it was only Pinky who ended up buying her step-in (oops! jologs).

Anyway,  on a totally unrelated matter, I just wanted to share an email that my local officemate sent to my Pinoy colleague for editing.  This is just a sample of the things we have to deal with on a regular basis. 

In case you are bored, you may want to edit it yourself (good luck!).  Note: names have been deleted intentionally for obvious reasons.


I would like thank you abut your effort to help me for take  oversees Corus to improve  my English language skills .Actually I went to jeedah last week, before I meet with XXXXX  I vest your office but unfortunately  you have a meeting , then I stay with my colleges  XXXXX And XXXXX approximately 45 mints . because I have fligh early I went to XXXXX before I discus with you , soo aim very sorry about this issue .

Infect I went to XXXXX to discuss with him my request and explain  to him why I need this Corus  especially I gated approved from all  my manger , I geft amen many choice about that like :

1-       45 days from my vacation  balance  .

2-       I will shear of same the cost .

3-       Decrease the period .

4-       Or  any condition you like .

But XXXXX promise me he will discus my request  again with  you  but unfortunately as per XXXXX tolled me he reject my request again            



  1. i love the “infect” part…gosh keith, your “colleges” there are so slang ha! 🙂

    They really are. Todo na to!

  2. Ang tapang mo a! Baka ma-access ng “college” mo itong blog mo – yari ka! 😛

    Hmm, oo nga no?! Di bale na, you were right before, this is worth posting. Hmm, mukhang galit pa ako from yesterday.

  3. like rina, natawa din ako sa “infect”. *shivers*
    ganyan talaga..pag conversational english kasi, madali palampasin ang mga mistakes. pero pag written na, ayun…naloko na! kahit anong language yata, ganun. 😀

    Grabe, Weng, can you imagine that part of the main responsibility of this person is to write financial proposals in ENGLISH. Good luck. Super tindi when they ask us to edit their work. It’s like, why don’t you just stab me with a pencil and slowly kill me!

    You are right, iba talaga ang conversational English. Kahit barok you will understand. Most Arabs are like that. They can converse in English but written English is terrible.

  4. ok lang ako with people who actually take the initiative to ask for help with their english. ang di ko ma-take ay yung mga nagmamagaling pa. buti kamo diyan sa inyo, hindi sila native english speakers… e dito? anong excuse nila para hindi sumulat ng tamang english di ba? infect, sila pa ang galit pag kinorek hehe.

    actually, this college of mine is very nice. di mayabang. but there are a lot of people here na medyo feeling kahit na mali-mali.

    pero diyan wala atang k ang mga taong mag kamali (at magalit). kahiya.

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