Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 9, 2007



more days to go…

The stress is starting to get to us.

So many things to finish in the office.  For some reason, the people I work with have decided to slack around the past several months and put pressure on me a few days before I fly back to Manila. Tama ba yon?

Rafael is down with a viral infection, which we originally thought was Measles or German Measles. Fortunately, it was neither.  The doctor advised him to stay at home for the rest of the week, which basically means he has started his winter break one week ahead of the whole school – yihee, I guess.

Pinky’s throat is starting to itch while Marga is coming down with the colds again.  Gosh,  when will the sickness end!

We have not started packing for our trip.  Pinky and I plan to do it this weekend but we still have to do some last minute shopping first.  For some reason, our list never gets completed.  It just gets longer and longer and longer.

In spite of the above, I’m sure all the stress will be worth it. Yes, I’m very sure it will.

*singing* Manila… Manila…


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