Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 8, 2007



Days to go!


Message for Santa (from my son, Luigi):

 Dear Santa, I am very sorry again because we are going back to The Philippines to spend our Christmas (7 Don P. Campos,Manila) or Grammy’s House) I am really sorry about our Christmas plans every year, I think our plans are always confusing you. If I could just tell you our Christmas plans every year. Well I will try to ask Papa about our plans. So any way I am sorry again and here is my Christmas list.

Luigi’s listSanta you can choose any 3 things from my list.

1.  A Spy Diary

2.  A plug in and play Nickolodeon Game

3.  A deck of Pokemon Cards

4.  A Belt Bag

5.  A Ben Ten Ometrix

6.  A Hotwheels Match Box

7.  A New Board Game

8.A Mystery Book ( Hardy Bros.)

Thank You Santa,Luigi Sy


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