Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 24, 2007

Christmas Problem

Since Pinky started decortaing our house last night with a few Christmas ornaments, I was inspired to look back at my previous blogs and read about how different our yuletide celebration had been since we moved to the Kingdom. 

One of the entries I made was about our Unexpected Guest, who pleasantly dropped by our flat last Christmas despite all the risks involved with his travel.  As you know, except for the thousands of Muslims going on their annual pilgrimage, the tourism industry here in the Kingdom is close to unheard off.  Those who are lucky enough to get in the Kingdom without any official business is looked upon suspiciously by the locals. Therefore, just knowing all the inconveniences that our dear old friend had to undertake in order to make our Christmas day a little more Christmassy is something my family and I will always be grateful for.  

Now that we are sure to be back in the Philippines this December, I am quite anxious that our good friend might drop by our house again and find it empty. This happend to him last year when we were unable to advise that we were now residing in the Arabian peninsula (and not in our old residence south of Manila). Poor old man, as if travelling and going to the KSA was not a big hassle in itself!

Anyway, Pinky and I are in a big dilemma. We are not sure how to send our message across to him especially since he is too old to use the internet and the postal system here in Saudi Arabia is just totally unreliable. How do we do this?  Hmmm, I am now starting to realize that spending Christmas in different places every year is a major problem. 

Hay!  I’m sure if there’s a will, there’s a way.  Abangan na lang ang susunod na kabanata. 



  1. Am sure nothing that the “magic of Christmas” can’t fix, right? 😉

    i hope so, hon.

  2. oh yeah! 😀 you still have about a month to cook something up. we’ll start abby on santa this year. my mom was santa last year but i think abby was too young to know who santa is that time. just a few days ago, she saw a tv ad of a boy and his dad leaving a plate of cookies and a glass of milk under the tree and asked me what it was all about. so i explained to her. she wants to do the same thing. 😀 hee hee! good luck on this scriptwriting task of yours (and pinks?)! hee hee! 😀

    how exciting. i must say it is so fun to think of all these gimmicks. hopefully, the children will remember them when they grow-up. kami naman iniisip namin itigil na yung sa dalawa naming matandang anak, di lang namin alam kung paano gagawin. good luck to all of us.

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