Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 14, 2007


Even at the risk of being branded a DYM (dirty young man), I am sharing with you some pictures of our recent gathering in Bahrain (Zahle Restaurant). As you are all aware by now, our team activites are usually held in the Lebanese Restaurants of five star hotels, which feature authentic Arab music and belly dancing.  I guess if I were back home in the Philippines this would be the equivalent of a night out in the more infamous business lounges around the metropolis (think: Airforce 1).


Zahle Restaurant Bahrain Zahle Restaurant Bahrain Zahle Restaurant Bahrain Zahle Restaurant Bahrain


Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

and The Singer…


who made the men want to dance… without her 🙂

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain

Zahle Restaurant Bahrain



  1. Well, definitely one for the “weird” books – especially the all-male group dance! ❓ As the infamous Melanie Marquez would say… “THE!?!” (duh!) 😉

    It is always a unique experience whenever we go to these places. The all-male dance is of course the highlight – so Mid-East talaga. THE! is really the best way to describe it.

  2. pinks oh! proud pa! keith, bilib ako sayo…kasi pinost mo pa talaga yung pic mo na ang sama ng tingin mo dun sa “lilkod” ng bellydancer…at nakipagsayaw ka pa! hahaha! parang ikaw yata ang pinaka maganda ang kutis sa inyong mga boys! 😉 ingat ingat ka jan! 😛

    Oo nga, kapal no. Actually, nobody wanted to sit near the dance floor so napilitan kaming mga Pinoy to stay there… siyempre, ako yung mismong nasa kanto and I had no choice but to just stare and clap. Di lang naman ako yung nakipag-sayaw… halos lahat kami… basta tinapik ka ng stick niya eh make sure na tumayo ka doon at sumayaw ko or else! Some of our Arab officemates asked my friend to delete their pictures so no evidence… sobrang Orocan nila, no?!

    Come to think of it, stand-out nga ata ako no?!

  3. hahaha, natawa ako sa comment ni weng. 😛 make sure when you bend over to pick up something from the floor, that no one is behind you. 😀

    alam mo, ganyan na ganyan ang katawan ko dati… ah eh nung past life ko as a lebanese belly dancer, haha!

    Meeya, ako natakot! Now I’m so paranoid…. what if it is true… baka mas gusto pa nila ako kaysa sa belly dancer, yikes!

    I’m sure Mee na talo mo pa yung belly dancer na yon. Pareho pala kayo ni Pinky ng past life niyo. Buti na lang mas-sexy kayo in this lifetime 🙂

  4. halloween has long been over and done with, why are all the people still in costumes!?! haha!! 🙂

    i know i’ve been silent for the most part, but i just had to comment on this one… your “tempted” pic really looks so “DOM-ic”. and yes, what’s with the all male group…HHWD (holding hands while dancing)? i bet that’s the kingdom’s version of “the backstreet boys”?

    Rindu, so nice to hear from you again. Hope everything is back to normal especially after that malibu fire.

    Nakakatuwa yung costumes nila, noh?! Imagine most of them wear that kahit ano pa ang occassion. For work, for weddings and for shopping. How creative can you be? The female version is Pinky’s Abayah, which I’d rather not comment on.

    Mukhang grabe nga yung pic na yon. I really had no choice… she was dancing so close to me (i.e. like in your face close) that I couldn’t look anywhere else… i sound defensive right?

    Oh, and the Backstreet Boys… they are really very interesting to watch. I don’t think that there is any other place in the world where this type of dancing is preferred over the more commonly accepted Man-Woman couple dance. By the way, I also became part of the Backstreet Boys since nag-hatakan lahat… bida ako dito when it comes to dancing… yakang-yaka ko ang mga moves nila!

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