Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 11, 2007


The past few days have been very hectic in the office.  Since my last blog, the pile of work that had been lying on my desk since the Ramadan holiday has been haunting me.  They have been screaming in my face to get my attention… and get my attention they did!

As much as I would like to keep them permanently hidden from sight and just continue on day dreaming of my upcoming vacation in the Philippines, I can’t.  All these unfinished corporate reviews may spell disaster for me if I don’t complete them soon.  My “modir” (boss) has not yet approved my vacation leave and I will definitely be in hot water if he realizes that so many accounts are still pending.

I know I sound so inefficient but let me just reiterate that these delays are not entirely my fault (defensive!).  Most of the pending items are due to my Arab colleagues who have been moving like snails in getting all the information I need. 

Before I moved to the Kingdom two years ago, so many people warned me of the totally different work ethics of the Arabs (i.e. tendency to procrastinate).  A lot of Filipinos have commented on how they had to absorb additional work just to ensure that things get done on time.  Even Pinky had her own share of bad experiences with an Arab colleague when she studied in London a few years back.

I know it is not good to generalize but my personal experiences here in the Mid East just confirms all the negative comments that I heard before I accepted this assignment.  Sigh!

Anyway, I have to go back to work now. Sige, until my next blog.



  1. so sorry to hear that, keith. i have the same frustration back in the ofc, pero nadadali naman pag napagsabihan na. kelangan lang ng konting push, pero uusad naman. hopefully eh matapos mo work load mo, God bless 😀

    Hay, Nell. Here in the KSA di uso yang konting push. Everything here moves at snail pace. Delays are so common that you get so used to it, which is so bad. I have emailed my colleagues several times now but still “deadma” lang sila until the very last minute when they will pressure you by saying that the account is “rush.” The nerve talaga! Anyway, ganyan ang buhay Pinoy in the Mid East 😦

  2. tsk tsk tsk! e hindi pa pala approved ang home leave mo eh! kaya, magpanggap ka muna na hard at work. 😉 sayang naman kung mag-isa pupunta ng el nido si pinky! 😉 kaya sige, kayod…wapak! 😀

    Ha ha ha! I like the wapak… reminds me of what Pinky did to me the other night (oops!)… Regarding my leave, I’ll make sure I throw my best puppy dog look at my boss so he will sign my leave form. If that does not work, mag-eempake na ako and just disappear or I will say that may fiesta sa bayan namin and that I have to go. I’m pretty sure that will work – I saw that move from a few of our househelps before 🙂

  3. Baka naman di “wapak” ang binigay ko sa ‘yo kundi “sapak”! 😀 Kung bakit naman kasi late ka na naman umuwi dahil sa pagpapanggap mo e – hahaha! 😛

    Anyway, all’s forgiven naman, hon… Ikaw pa! Malakas ka naman ever sa akin e! 😉

    In the meantime, tuloy-tuloy muna ang pagka- “AIDS (as if doing something) afflicted” mo till your boss signs the darn leave form! 😀

    Ay, sapak ba yon? Kaya pala medyo masakit. Akala ko very passionate ka lang 🙂 Mayroon talaga akong ginagawa ngayon… swamped nga eh… AIDS na ulit ako after I finish everything.

  4. uy may napansin lang ako, bakit ang pinoy pag nasa pinas mabagal, pero pag napunta na sa ibang lugar bumibilis? dalhin kaya sa mid-east ang mga taga-LTO or NSO, may effect kaya? wala lang.

    wala, i’m just rambling. sige trabaho ka na, bilis! hehe.

    Oo nga, sad but true. Actually, dito sa Mid-East lahat mabagal. Suddenly, the Philippines looks very efficient. Ako, I would rather not interact with anyone, if possible, kasi I’m sure to have a headache. Hina kasi ng mga utak ng marami dito, eh 😦

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