Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 28, 2007


Our airline tickets for our Manila vacation this December was finally released.  I was getting worried that we might not be able to go home again for the holiday this year since we were wait listed.  Fortunately, I kept on bugging the travel agent to confirm our booking and for him to issue the tickets as soon as possible.

After about a thousand calls (wow, exag!), I finally got what I wanted… but at a very steep price.  The travel agent charged me 15% more per ticket over and above the average airline peak rates, which are unreasonably expensive at this time of year. Fortunately, for us, the tickets are complements of my employer (as part of our annual home leave package).

So, to all of you back home, we will be temporarily on parole this Christmas season.  Our scheduled arrival at the NAIA is on Dec 19 and will be returning to our prison home on Jan 10 the following year.

We are looking forward to touch base with all of you.  Bring out the lechon!!!

PS: please don’t forget our Christmas gifts 🙂



  1. mang-inggit ba 😀

    Not intended to make you feel that way… alam mo naman dito sa KSA, any chance you get to go home is really a relief… a break from our very restrictive environment 🙂 Di ka ba uuwi this holiday season?

  2. kainggit naman! hindi pa entitled ng home leave si dondi. after his first year pa. 😦 we’ll definitely miss the long christmas happenings back home. oh well.

    Di bale, Weng, at least you’ll be able to spend your first Christmas outside of the Philippines…. sana White Christmas, no? We spent our Christmas in the KSA last year and it was really, really different. It was like any other work day. As you know, bawal ang any form of religion dito except for Islam so you will really not feel the spirit of Christmas. Maybe next year mag kita-kita tayo ulit.

  3. You bet am also super looking forward sa ating “pansamantalang paglaya” – hahaha! 😀 Am also pretty sure though na jam-packed na naman schedules natin as always… 😦

    Thank God for our Prison Break! Di bale ng jam-packed as long as we are back home.

  4. me three! inggit din ako. it’s been 10 years since i’ve spent xmas in manila. hayyyyyy…

    enjoy your vacation and beware of scams at the airport, alam mo naman with the holiday comes sandamukal na red tape sa atin. dba?

    Nell, you are due for a vacation! Don’t you just miss spending the holidays in the Philippines? Tell your whole family that this should be your project for next year.

    Thanks also for reminding me to be careful. It is so sad that a lot of Balikbayans encounter people who scam when they reach the Philippines. Apparently, some things don’t change 😦

  5. Hi Keith! Naku sayang di pa tayo nag abot. We will be leaving for Manila Jan 11-Feb2. To answer your question bakit January? Its because we planned too late & Donnie couldn’t get his leave approved by his boss kasi naunahan na sya ng marami. But its still an advantage for us because I am still in the process of accummulating my VL so January would mean longer leave. Ngek! 3 weeks lang. Anyway, I miss everybody back home =)

    I can’t wait! =)

    Im glad you got your bookings finalized. And lucky you sponsored. Kami after another 2 yrs pa (hopefully) bago makauwi. Wahhh!!!

    Hey, Carrie. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you in the blogoshpere. Nice to hear from you again.

    Too bad we wont be able to meet up next year… missed you by 1 day! Asar. Anyway, so many people want to go on leave this December. Ako nga I haven’t officially filed my leave yet but I proceeded with buying the tickets already. I’m crossing my fingers that walang maging problema naman with my boss when I tell him I’ll be gone half of that month.

    Medyo swerte nga na company sponsored yung trip namin pero alam mo naman dito sa lugar namin… kailanga nila talaga kaming bigyan ng free ticket otherwise uuwi na kaming lahat for good 🙂 Wow, panakot!

  6. dagdag ako sa mga taong nai-inggit. waaah! well, we went home last year pero syempre nothing beats xmas in pinas. 🙂 lucky you that your company is paying for yout ticket, we’re still paying for what we spent last year, hehehe!

    have fun in pinas! 🙂

    You said it, Meeya… nothing like spending the holidays the Pinoy way. We spent Christmas in KSA last year and it was a bummer. We made sure that this year’s celebration will be much better.

    Travelling is so expensive. I guess we are lucky nga that the company shoulders our ticket.

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