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Tagged: “Musical Chairs: A Trip Down Memory Lane”

Munchkin Mommy tagged me with this really fun game.  I’m supposed to choose 6 songs that bring me back to memory lane. I had such a blast trying to remember all the songs that affected my life at one point or another. The problem is there are just so many songs and I’m only supposed to name 6! This list should be longer!

Anyway, like Munchkin Mommy, I decided to go a little bit further by trying to look for the related videos from YouTube.  I think it just adds to the nostalgia when there is a video attached (rather than just enumerating and explaining my choices).

Okay, so here is my list… these are some of the songs/artists that affected my life (not mentioned in any specific order of importance).  Hope you guys enjoy it!  

1. I Will – Ben Taylor : After hearing this song from the movie Love Affair (starring Annette Benning and Warren Beatty) this automatically became Pinky and my favorite song.  To prove how much we love it, it became our official “theme song” – baduy no?!  Hey, this is also one of my favorite repertoir for any videoke party – easy to sing and does not strain your vocal chords! 

2. The Promise – When in Rome : This is so coool! I remember this song becoming popular when I was a Senior in Benedictine Abbey School.  Oh gosh… everyone danced like crazy when this was played in our High School Dance… feel na feel ko pa yung mga dance moves ko non! (oops! was that too much of a revelation?)

3. Walang Hanggang Paalam – Joey Ayala : Mr Ayala is one of my favorite local artist.  His simple melodies and socially relevant lyrics really move me. This song, in particular, is such a beautiful love song.  There was a stage in my life that I collected all of his CDs, which unfortunateky are gone now.  To anyone who is planning to buy me a gift this Christmas, a Joey Ayala CD collection will be much appreciated.

4. Pie Jesu – Andrew Lloyd Webber : Sir ALW is my all time favorite composer.  He deserves all accolades (wow, fan talaga!).  Seriously, my love for broadway musicals is due to Sir ALW who has inspired me to start my collection of Orginal Cast Recordings (now more than a hundred CDs).  I know Pie Jesu will not appeal to a lot of people, it being too operatic.  But it really is a beautiful score, even if I don’t understand the lyrics.  Hats off to you Sir ALW!

5. Love is the Answer – Raymond Hannisian : This is one of my favorite songs.  I initially heard it in one of the masses I attended before and since then I have tried to search for the title and lyrics of the song. I really love this song that I insisted for it be sung acapella in our wedding (not by Pinky and me, of course, but but a chorale group that we hired for the occasion).  Finding a video was as difficult as can be.  Fortunately, I found this on YouTube (too bad it is instrumental).     

6. She Wants to Dance With Me – Rick Astley : What better way to end my list than to watch a live performance of Rick Astley, the king of 80-90’s disco!  If Munchkin Mommy was so into Menudo, I was so into Rick (yikes, not in a malicious sense!).  He was coolness to the max! Pang Rumors, Faces at Mars!  Bwisit nga lang kasi Kuya Dick really ruined his image. He should have just stuck with those cheezy dance routines with Ate Carmi.  Whatever the case, Rick still deserves two snaps in this blog!

Hmmm, I’m supposed to tag four people to do this fun activity.  Unfortunately, my blog family is so limited… anyway, I’ll just let Pinky tag our contacts.  

Hope you all enjoyed going down memory lane with me 🙂



  1. high school ka na ba keith nung “the promise”? grade school pa lang yata kasi ako nun! nyahahaha! love ko din si rick astley! my all time favorite songs of his are “never gonna give you up” and “whenever you need somebody”. actually, i love all of his songs. e konti lang naman yun diba, from 2 records yata?

    thanks for doing this tag! galing galing! 😀

    Grabe ka naman, Weng… I think I got accelerated so many times that’s why I was in HS then… Asa pa ako! Actually, Rick had so much nice songs and hits. Too bad, he suddenly disappeared from the global music scene… Kuya Dick really made such a negative impact on his career!

    Thanks for tagging me. I really had so much doing it.

  2. Kahit di ko pa pine-play yung YouTube inserts mo, love ko na yung post mo pa lang! Hahaha! 😀

    Blast from the past talaga – though I admit songs 3 & 4 are a bit too “artsy” for me… 😉

    You’re right – so enjoyed reading and doing this tag.

    Play it… listening to the music will deifinitely bring back all those memories that you kept hidden in the back of your head. Blast from the past talaga!

    Do your post soon. I’m sure you will have a great time just thinking of what song to choose. Baka I can help you… If I remember right, Cannonball, Choo-choo Train (running down the track) and Electric Youth were some of the dance crazes then. Di bale, just do your list… I’m sure that will be a fun post too!

  3. i love the joey ayala song — walang hanggang paalam! grabe, tagos sa dibdib ang message ng kanta. now that you mention it, i remember doing an interpretive dance to this song back in highschool. jologs ko noh? hahahah 😀

    Nell, it really is a beautiful love song. I honestly thought no one listened to him… masyadong ethnic ang sound ng music niya. Good to know that I am not alone. You are really an artistic person.. so well rounded, photography, poetry, cooking and interpretive dancing. Baka you took a video of your dance and want to post it on your blog… just a thought 🙂

  4. thanks for the kind compliment, keith. but i dont think im much of an artist, expressive lang siguro ako when it comes to my emotions. hehehe! video ba kamo? oh no, kahiya naman yon. besides, that was before when i was 100 lbs lighter. hehehe 😉

    Nell, you have a great way of expressing yourself. Keep it up! Also, wouldn’t it be great if we can all lose those unwanted pounds that we’ve gained over all those years. Hay, I have so much of them.

  5. Unfortunately, YouTube is currently inaccessible in our realms so I can’t see the videos. I’ll have to get back to this post when the portal is re-opened. I hope though that wordpress is open by then… Sigh

    No, prob. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. hi keith, this was a fun tag no? i enjoyed doing mine. so you know we both love ALW, but now i have to tell you that we both like rick astley, too. 🙂 and yes, dick was not rick, not by any stretch. tapos i was more into noel cabangon than joey ayala, but i think they were in the same genre di ba?

    music just has a way of coloring our memories, ano? and now, i’m seeing that its also a great way to bring people together. 🙂

    Meeya, it sure was a fun tag. I really enjoyed doing it. Too bad you’re supposed to name just 6 songs… I should have followed your lead and did 12 – anyway it’s my blog naman di, ba?

    It’s sure nice to know how people with different background and interests are brought together by common interest in music. I found out that Nell and I enjoy Joey Ayala while we (you, Weng and myself) like Rick. What’s funny is that even personal opinions about people (like Dick) can be influenced by the Artists that we listen to.

    I’m not familiar with the music of Noel. However, if it’s Pinoy ethnic sounding then I’m all go for it!

    I look forward to doing more of these tags in the future.

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