Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 4, 2007

Webster’s Dictionary (New Ed)

I just thought it would be nice to share with you the latest words added to the Webster’s Dictionary. All these words were contributed by (originated from) my beautiful daughter, Marga, who has been very active in teaching Pinky, her brothers and myself how to expand our vocabulary.  Please mouse over the image for the common name of the pictures.

  Apple  Ball  Car

            Apuul                         Buh                          Cah-cah     

  Cat  Diapers  Hat

            Ngeow                     Appy                          At-at

 Rubber Duckie  Elmo Flower   

         Uckie                             Mo                           Ower                        

Monkey  Out  Ouch!   

          Acky                           At                              Ouchy                           

Puppy  Alyssa   Baby Bear   

          Appy                          Ati                            Ber-ber      

 Milk  Pigeon Pooh                         

           Mi-mi                        Kruk-kruk                    Pu



  1. If I may add a few more…

    “apin” (open), “Awa” (Rafa), “is” (juice), “Igi” (Luigi), “Aya” (Ira), “Iki” (Mickey Mouse), “ishie” (fishie), “bee-bee” (tv), “ani” (honey), “Dada” (Tito Monty). 😀

    Of course, there are also the basics like “Mama” and “Papa”…

    What’s more, if I may just brag, she also knows almost all her body parts na such that when I ask her to identify them, she readily does so. My favorite is when I ask her to show her teeth – she obliges by making a “smiley face” followed by a pa-cute pose of her tilting her head to one side to do a smile pose. Cute talaga ng anak natin! Hahaha! 😀

    If only for these, am willing to endure all her kakulitan and momentary moods. She is such a blessing!

    Oh yeah, she really does know so many words now… baby talk talaga… you are her official interpreter since I can’t undertstand her lingo most of the time. I guess I should make part 2 of this post… to at least document her progress.

    Masayado atang obvious na doting parents tayo… we give so much praises to our daughter. But her tilting head with mathcing pa-cute smile is really one for the books… oops! ayan na naman ako! stop na nga.

  2. i love this post keith! brought back memories of abby’s first words as well. and nice pics to accompany the words ha. seasoned blogger ka na talaga! 😉

    hugs and kisses to marga! you go girl! 😀

    Thanks, Weng. I really enjoyed doing it. It’s so hard to understand baby talk so I thought that having pictures would be the best way to share it with everyone. Seasoned blogger? Nah?!

  3. i can remember when i was once the official interpreter of our home. sigh.

    anyway, your marga is so cute! ok lang maging obvious doting parents! we (meaning kami ni weng) definitely understand, hehe!

    it’s so hard to actually interpret what she is saying… I had to come up with this photolist to also help me remember and understand what she says. Pinky has to tell me every now and then what to do… hirap ng baby talk. Join kami ni Pinky sa Doting Parents Club… katuwa kasi talaga sila, no? Oops! ayan nanaman ako.

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