Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 2, 2007

King Bee!

My son, Luigi, is scheduled to take a Spelling Bee (classroom) eliminitaion exam today (Rafael is scheduled to take his on Saturday).  He has been reviewing well for this exam over the last two or three days.  However, on our way to school, I decided to quiz him one last time to make sure that he got all the spelling correctly.  Unfortunately, my son left his reviewer back home.  Worried, I asked him if there were any words that he needed to practice.  Siyempre, the reply I got from him came as no surprise.  “I don’t need to practice anymore.  I’ve memorized the spelling of all the words in the list.” 

Of all our children, my eldest son exhibits the most confidence (well, I guess it’s really to early to guage whether my daughter will be the same).  He is such an achiever… he has so much drive to excel in school and any competition he joins in… yes, he is sooo competitive!  He told me this morning that he woke up early today just to make sure he wont be late for the examination.  He wants to beat his classmates so he can be the “King Bee.”

A part of me is happy that he exhibits so much enthusiasm to learn, that he has so much drive to achieve.  However, another part of me is worried about he’s over confidence.  Believeing in one’s capabilities is one thing but believeing you are always the best is another.  I do pray that God gives Pinky and I the grace to teach our children how to believe in themselves, to recognize and use the talents that God has bestowed on them.  However, more than that, I pray the we be given the grace to teach our children to recognize the fact that all that we have here on earth, be it our talents, material wealth and/or physical health, comes from God and God alone.

Son, if ever you do read this, please don’t take it the wrong way.  Mama and Papa are very proud of you and all your achievements.  So far, you have done more things than Papa when I was your age.  I never won any knowledge bowl or quiz bee contests when I was still studying… I guess the only medal I got was in a singing competition when I was in Prep school (and look where that has brought me now – Papa can’t even sing a song in tune).  I pray that you always have that drive and that fire in you.  However, please just remember, though, that all the good things that you have now is because of our God, who gave this to you so you may, in turn, share this to other people (i.e. like your brother, sister and friends).  Don’t feel pressured that you always have to win.  What we want is just for you to remember to always do your best. We will always love you with or without the medals and awards.  How could we not? You are one of the three wonderful blessings we got from God!

Good luck on your examination.  I do hope you achieve your dream of becoming this year’s King Bee!

I love you! 



  1. Good luck Luigi! Like what your Papa said “just do your best” and I will continue the next line “God will do the rest”.

    Thanks so much, Carrie. By the way, Luigi made it past the first two rounds. They are now down to 5 in the class but this will be narrowed down further to 2 and then an inter-class competition. How stressful…. Nice to hear from you again.

  2. yes, it is indeed a challenge to teach kids to have balance in their lives. hirap kasi when kids are so confident, baka when the time comes na he fails at something, he might fall into a depression and will not be able to bounce back. pero, i also believe that parental support plays a big role in this. luigi has great parents to support him so i think he will be ok. 🙂

    good luck sa spelling bee niya 🙂

    I so agree with you meeya. That’s exactly were my concerns are coming from… I don’t want him to feel depressed later on when he realizes that there are so many great people out there. Hmmm… great parents… wow, thanks!

  3. Hon, I think this (over) confidence comes from me since I had the same drive and fire and me when I was about his age, especially with school stuff. 😉
    You are correct that this is good to a certain extent as it drives him to do his best in all he does. I only pray though that he does not fall into the same rut I was in when, during my university years, I sadly realized that there is also such a thing as personal limits and that try as you may to overcome these, there are times when this is just not possible and you have to comfort yourself with the fact that you did your best notwithstanding the outcome.
    I also pray that he gives back all the glory to the Source of all his talents and achievements especially now that he again made it to the final five :). Sana he realizes too that even “king bees” have their “ultimate King” :).
    Love you! Mwah!

    Hon, without out a doubt… this is from your side… you know me, medyo kulang sa self-confidence naman. Anyway, I’m sure it was a challenge for you to realize that there were also other good people out there. But you seemed to manage it pretty well, so I guess there is really no reason for me to worry about our son. Go boy!

  4. keith, i’m sure you and pinky, with God’s grace, will be able to guide luigi. you’re blessed to have such a brilliant son who doesn’t need any prodding to do well in school.

    if i may share a bit about my school life…i was very competitive…and i kinda have, err, certificates to prove it. hehehe! and i don’t let classmates copy from me! but i always knew in my heart and mind that there are people brighter thatn I. specially, when in high school! i was thrown in a class where the top 50 girls from the afternoon session belonged! na-shock talaga ako! parang i was suddenly just a face in the crowd. so high school was like an academic disaster for me because i didn’t graduate with honors….kaya bumawi na lang ako sa college. 😉 but if i could go back in time, i’d love to sweep all three academic stages of my school life: gradeschool, high school and college. oh well!

    don’t worry too much about, luigi. as i’m sure he’ll be just fine. promise! 😀

    Weng, ano ba ‘to! The family I married into is full of over-achievers! Gosh, stressed ako… at gusto pang bumalik in time to sweep all the possible academic honors from grade school to college! Ako, I even dread the thought of even going back to school… all the memorizing, reading and examinations… ooops! baka ma basa ng mga anak ko ‘to… erase, erase!

    Rina, if you do get to read this, please huwag mo nang dagdagan!

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