Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 29, 2007

Dr Laura

I have actually been thinking of what to write today… unfortunately, my mind has gone blank.  The thought of all the pending stuff I have on my desk (things that I have ignored set-aside since its Ramadan season) have started to slowly put pressure on my otherwise mundane life in the office.  In a week or so, everyone here in the office will be back to “work mode” and they will be expecting me to complete all our pending accounts due for review.  I’m pretty sure there is a pay back time and when it comes you guys must be prepared for my all my ranting.

Anyway,  I shouldn’t think of that now.  Since my recent move here to WP, I have been very busy trying to figure out the many features of my new blog home.  I am suddenly overwhelmed at how much you can do here.  Pinky (who also transferred her blogsite from 360 to WP) and I have been staying up late the past few nights trying to create links, pages, widgets and all.  Talk about excited!

I just wanted to share with you guys that last night, while buying Indian food and shawarma, I tuned into this interesting radio talk show called Dr Laura Schlessinger.  What made the show interesting is not her smooth voice, which sounded much like Sally Jesse Rafael, but the delivery of her brutally frank but sound advice to her callers, who most of the time were stunned by her comments.  One thing that struck me was this lady caller who kept on complaining that she felt that unhappy with her marriage.  She felt that her husband and children did not appreciate all the things that she had done.  Dr Laura, after grilling the poor lady, later found out the root cause of her problem.  The lady, since she was young, never found happiness in all the things she did unless she got a tap on the back from other people.  When people did not notice her, she would sink into a depression and feel sad. 

What Dr Laura said next was so direct to the point for the lady (and for me).  She said something like this… there are two kinds of people, one who find “momentary” happiness in everyday things, whether it be through accumulation of material wealth, personal success and or even gaining social acceptance.  These people usually feel so many peaks and valleys.  Their sense of self worth is dependent on what they feel at a particular moment.  On the other hand, the next group of people are those who find “lasting” happiness through accepting and being happy with what they have (again in all aspects) and then learning to genuinely share their happiness to other people.  When they share to other people, they do not expect anything in return – not even a simple tap on the back.  Their happiness is derived in seeing other people being happy

I’m not quite sure if I made sense – you have to forgive me as our late dinners during the Ramadan season have contributed in killing some of my memory cells.  Anyway, I’m sure it sounded much, much better when Dr Laura delivered it. 

Anyway, the bottom line is that we have to make a choice on which group we want to be in.  Personally, the second one, obviously, is more difficult to achieve.  However, the lure of having a more “lasting” happiness and real personal contentment is truly something that is worth working for.  I hope we can all learn to change our lives and aim for this.

Should you wish to learn more about Dr Schlessinger, just click on the link below.

The Dr Laura Blog



  1. Guess this is consistent with the idea that happiness is always a choice. We should try our very best to choose to be happy no matter what hand life deals us. Difficult? Most certainly! But I guess the reward of lasting happiness (contentment and peace are sure to be thrown in the package!) is well worth all the effort. 🙂

    I certainly agree… happiness is definitely a choice, Hon. In case I forget about that, please do remind me, okay?!

  2. I’m happiest when I see the people I love very happy. But I have to say, I’m guilty of wanting momentary happiness as well, who doesn’t? Bottom line is, there’s always a choice to be happy or not. 😀 Hay, wala yatang sense. Hee hee!

    Naku, Weng, I think I am actually more guilty of looking for the momentary happiness… so tempting kasi eh… anyway, good luck to all of us!

  3. in my case, since sahmmy ako, there are times when i feel unappreciated, so nade-depress ako. but then, sabi mo nga (at ni Dr. Laura), its really in choosing to make (and see) other people, especially your loved ones happy, that brings a different, more fulfilling happiness in us. and i agree with that. together with shopping, its what keeps me going. 🙂

    Don’t worry, Meeya… you’re not the only one… I’m sure we all fall into a state of depression once in a while… but shopping, oh gosh, if Pinky reads this and gets that idea from you, I will feel really, really depressed… hehehe!

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