Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 27, 2007

New Home

I was never fond of writing.  However, when an opportunity came up for me to work abroad in the latter part of 2005, I thought that maintaining an online journal would be the best way to keep my family and friends back home (in Manila, Philippines) updated on all the things that are happening to me here in the Middle East. Since then, I’ve been using Yahoo 360 to keep a detailed account of my adventures here in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, I later realized that the features offered by Yahoo 360 did not suit my requirements.  Hence, despite the convenience of using Yahoo 360, I have decided to move on to my new blog home here in WordPress (Weng, your nice blogsite is my inspiration).

I hope that despite the move, all my family and friends back in Yahoo 360 will continue to subscribe to my blogs as you have all been instrumental in keeping me strong these past few years.

To those of you who have just started to read up on my adventures, please feel free to also visit my original blogsite and go through my journals. 



  1. hi keith, i got here from weng’s. actually i’m a lurker sa iyong 360 site and its my first time to reveal myself, hehe.

    congrats on your new home. i’m sure you’ll love WP. 🙂

  2. Keith, I see you’ve met my friend, Meeya. 😉 She’s so much more of a WordPress expert than I am. Hee hee! Enjoy your new home. Wala bang “housewarming”? Again, welcome to the neighborhood and congratulations on seeing the light! Nyahaha! 😀

  3. Hi Meeya! It is so nice to finally meet a new friend.. and you’re technically my first visitor! I’m so happy to know that other people outside my network have actually visited my old blog home. I really thought that it was only my wife, Pinky, and Weng who subscribed to that site since they seem to be my only “loyal” readers and commenters… hehehe!

    Since it’s revelation time, I’ve also lurked a few times on your site. I’ll make sure to drop a note the next time I visit 🙂

    I was so impressed with the features of WP. Before moving, I didn’t even know what a Widget was! Anyway, I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the features of WP but I’m sure glad that I have the experts (read: you and Weng) behind me.

  4. Weng, it took a while before I saw the light, but I’m sure glad I did. Thanks again to you for making me realize that there are better things out there just waiting for me outside my old home.

    It is so nice to finally meet Meeya. I was pleasantly surprised to see her as my first official visitor.

    Housewarming… hmmm, how do you do that in WP? Better start educating me on how its done here… baka paalisin ako… Come to think of it, why don’t you guys just visit me here in KSA? I’ll make sure to shoulder your food and lodging… sige na pleeeease.

    Anyway, while you’re thinking about it, thanks again for welcoming me to the neighborhood.

  5. wow 😀 oo nga, i have the honor of being your first ever visitor! yey! (naunahan ko pa tuloy si weng and your wifey, hehe!)

    btw, the only reason why i didn’t leave comments on your old site was because i had to log-in pa to 360 or something before i could leave a message (o di ba, tamad na defensive pa, haha!). hopefully, here mas madalas na ako makapag-leave ng comments. 🙂

    sige lang, if you have any questions about WP (naks kala mo expert), i’d be glad to help. 🙂

    Just the thought of having other people visit your site and read what you write is good enough… although reading their comments is icing on the cake! Anyway, that is one of the reasons why I had to move out of 360… people have to login to make a comment, such a hassle… kahit ako tamad to do that.

    Thanks for offering to help with the technical issues here in WP.

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