Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 27, 2007

Moving On…

After almost two years of using Yahoo 360 to document my adventures here in the Middle East, I have decided to transfer to a new home in WordPress (Weng, inspired by your blog). Although it saddens me to have to do this, I realized that the features of Yahoo 360 no longer meet my requirements.

To all my family and friends who have continously read my online journals, I hope you would still subscribe to my new blog home. The support that you have given me all these years really means a lot to me.

To those of you who have just visited this site, please feel free to read and look around. You may also want to visit my new home in WordPress.

Thanks to all of you. Hope you’re still up for more desert adventures.

Leap of Faith! (New Home)




  1. Keith, it also took me almost two years before I changed blogging homes. 😀 Like I told Pinky, you two will have a lot of fun at WordPress. Welcome to the neighborhood! 😉

  2. WHAT THE *&%#&@ HALLABALOOOO is this new site you’re working on? Are you planning on adulterating all of the cyber world’s blog sites?? Why do you keep changing? You’re making me so freakin dizzy, and it ain’t cuz of the booze I overdosed on again this morning! You honestly think I can keep track of all these user names and passwords? You got me so buggin, I need to fuel up on my power drink and hit the liquor store.

  3. Hehehe..Dong, ano ka ba… you can just go to this site and click on the links I made… tamad na ako with Yahoo 360… the features are not that great unlike in WordPress na you can do more with your blogsite. You also don’t need to be a member there to visit the site and leave comments.

    Please make sure you drop by my other site as that is where I will be updating from now on.

    Thanks for dropping by again. I haven’t heard from you in a looong while. Nice to know that you ar still alive… hehehe!

  4. Oh my gosh, I just clicked on your link, and it led me to a holy site! Wow, it really freaked me out. No wonder you didn’t suggest I create an account, but rather just “VISIT”. I was trying to figure out the rationale behind the name “Leap of Faith”, when all the while it was something Ecclesiastical. Oh no you di’nt. You know I ain’t goin there. Can’t touch that…. I guess this is going to be farewell for us then. You know I can’t take the risk of bursting into flames with all the flammable product in my hair and alcohol in my bloodstream.

  5. Hahaha… bwisit ka talaga as always… my blogs have always been called Leap of Faith because my move to the KSA is exactly that… in your case though, it means leaping from one faith to another!!!! Bursting in flames… even without the alcohol and hair products (read: hairspray) you’ll still burst into flames one day… so change your life and make that Leap of Faith! Hehehe.

  6. Dongi, by the way, when you go to my other site, can you click on the MyBlogLog and sign as a member (that’s the one on the side of my site which shows recent readers)… that will help me keep track whether you visit my site or not… ang tamad mo kasi mag leave ng comments eh… thanks!

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