Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 30, 2007

A Royal Event

Not to disregard the sadness we all feel as we remember Diana and Dodi today, allow me to turn our thoughts to happier times as I recount another noteworthy royal event…

After a totally psychedelic night in QC, we had to wake up early the following morning in order to grace the Royal Ball held in honor of our little Saudi Princess, Beatrice Margarita.

Various Royals from around the metropolis gathered at the Grand Ballroom of the Palms Country Club, in Filinvest Alabang, on the fifth day of the month of August. These Princes and Princesses truly wore their finest clothing with Prince Enzo (from the faraway land of Narnia) and Princess Alyssa (from the exotic Arabian Peninsula) being especially recognized for their exquisite royal regalia. Not to be outdone, Princess Beatrice (a.k.a. Marga), who hobnobbed her many adoring subjects, wore a hot chartreuse number especially designed for the occasion by her ever reliable couturier, Henry Santa Juana, which was matched with to-die-for gold ballet slippers and matching purple bling bag.

As entertainment, her subjects were treated to a few hours of mind-boggling magickry while they feasted on the sumptuous meal, which included a wide-array of sweets from the Mexican churros to fresh fruit tarts and ice cream.

Truly, this unprecedented event, which was painstainkenly put together by none other than the Princess\’ mother herself, HRH Queen Patricia of Arabia (a.k.a. Pinky), is one that will be recognized by many people as the royal gathering to remember for centuries to come.

Again, this event would not have been as successful as it turned out to be without the help of other distinguished foreign dignitaries, which included Princess Cristina (a.k.a. Rina) from the beatiful Kingdom of Malibu, who prepared the invites and matching signages; Prince Jose Maria (a.k.a. Pippo), Lords Jamie Lawrence, Armando (a.k.a. Tatay Manny) and Benjamin (a.k.a. Benjie) who documented this truly one-of-a-kind gathering.

We hope this short clip will do justice to this once-in-a-lifetime event – enjoy!



  1. As our friend Maurice would say… so loved the video, dahling, fahbulous!!! 🙂 Na-inspire tuloy akong mag-movie maker din… abangan!

  2. sayang we missed marga’s first birthday bash! specially since abby can now really enjoy and participate.

    that sure looked like one grand royal ball! i love marga’s royal regalia! the color was a good choice because seldom would little girls come in an outfit that is not in a shade of pink or purple. hee hee! i’m surprised to see alyssa even skinnier than the last time I saw her! but she is still so adorable! 🙂 magpipinsan nga sila abby, marga and alyssa! nyahaha!

    i initially thought of having an arabian theme for abby’s first birthday but we ended up having a circus instead. it was my niece who had an arabian night’s party instead for her 7th bday last year. 🙂 hindi pa kaya ng powers namin ang mag-party ulit ng ganyang magnitude. hahaha!…well, baka sabi ko lang yun. joke! 🙂

    thank you for sharing the pics! yung OZ vacation na lang ang kulang. oh, and did you ever get to eat at Spiral? 😀

  3. Weng, Pinky was so hands-on with the preparation… she personally chose the clothes Marga will wear… everything daw for our last baby.

    Anyway, I’ll post the pics of our OZ vacay soon.

    Nope, unfortunately, our time in Manila was so brief that we couldn’t squeeze in a (romantic) dinner for two at Spirals. We are hoping that we can do it in December. Hay!

  4. looks like you’ve been into movie maker a lot lately huh? post pics of your vacay in your multiply soon! lookin’ forward to seein them. 🙂

  5. Hi Rindu. Hope school is well and that you/ve recovered from nursing a lonely heart.

    Anyway, this is actually my first movie maker project (the previous film on Mom’sa birthday was c/o Ayn). I actually cheated and just used the instant movie, which the computer just did for me… shhhhhh, our secret, ha?!

    Pinky promised to upload the pics of our vacay in OZ through multiply. Hopefully, she can do it soon. Anyway, please wait for it. She also made a must-see video of our latest photoshoot in The Picture Company… so nice.

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