Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 26, 2007

A Totally Retro Night

I\’m officially back in cyberspace. After three weeks of combined partying and walking in Manila, Sydney and the Gold Coast, I\’m sure glad to be back here in our temporary home in the desert (hmmm, did I really say that?!).

There were just so many things that happend during our vacation that I don\’t even know where to start my updates. Anyway, the day after I arrived in Manila was my Mom\’s 60th birthday. We (her loving children, lovely daughters-in-law and loveable grandchildren) threw her a retro-themed party complete with band and DIs! The party was held at the Albergus Hall in Quezon City and the event was aptly called \”60 going 70s!\”

We had to make sure that we would all look as retro as possible. The ladies (or should I say \”chicks\”) came in their lovely (extremely short) dresses with loud, geometric patterns and matching fish net stockings. While the men (or should I say \”cats\”) came in their tight tops, full sideburns, groovy shades and deadly collars. I came in with my newly acquired velvet type gold disco wear with matching dragon bling-bling (c/o my brother-in-law, Pippo), which was enough to put those saudi gold souqs in so much shame. My pimp-like gold top came directly from London (U.Kay), which made me really feel \”clussy.\”

All the guests started to arrive around 7\’ish despite the heavy traffic near the Ateneo area. The star of the show came a little later with her best friend Auntie (Dr) Malou Perlata, who succeeded in making my mom the new Alicia Silverstone – as in totally clueless on what was happening. The moment she came in the hall she instantly turned from Miss Silverstone to Miss Botswana, with a classic \”I\’m so surprised\” look (sorry na lang to those who don\’t know this once popular Miss Universe winner).

The food was great, although, to be honest, I don\’t even remember what I ate since we were so busy talking to guests and watching the presentation numbers of Luigi, Rafael and Matthew, who each rendered a solo song number for Grammy and a group dance presentation to the tune of Greased Lightning. Lors, who supervised the boys in their practice, was so intense that I noticed her do some moves on the side as well (sobrang pigil na pigil and stage mother!). If only Kuya Germs would revive that popular hit 80\’s show, That\’s Entertainment, I\’m sure the boys would be all in the Friday Group – yihee! Marga, of course, just bedazzled everyone with her pretty, adorable self – that\’s my gal!

Siyempre, this will not be a legit Belmonte affair without the usual honoring and speeches. So we invited a few of mom\’s closest family members to say a few words for her. Uncle Ernie revealed how my mom almost gave a mouth-to-mouth resucitation to a drunk man who was sideswiped by a speeding vehicle. Fortunately for her, Uncle Ernie was there by her side (I presume drunk himself) and he spared my mom from what could have been a very passionate moment by the roadside. Auntie Barty was all green with envy when she saw how Uncle Ernie did a really mean MTM. Barf! Uncle, you must have been really drunk that night!

Auntie Bing was next in line. She looked absolutely hot in her red mini skirt and matching black fishnet stockings. She was truly deserving of her best costume award. Uncle Sonny soon followed and being the patriarch of the Belmonte clan (and of the whole QC) everyone was all ears when he shared various anecdotes about their childhood from the not-so-distant past. I represented our family since Jay and Mike were pretending to be busy practicing for their disco dance moves. Due to stage fright, I ended up just reading the letter I wrote for my mom (posted in my last blog) but gave it a new twist by trying to modulate my voice to bring out that totally DJ-ish appeal.

Mom, of course, had to say her piece. She left everyone on the verge of tears as she reminisced how beautiful her life has turned out to be or, at least, that is what I think she tried to say – I couldn\’t remember a word she said since I was clearly distracted by the loud sniffs and puffs made by my gorgeous (yet overly sensitive) wife.

Somewhere in between all those activities was a beautiful audio visual presentation made by Ayn featuring various pictures of our family. There were a few glitches in the presentation but it was still touching nonetheless.

Enough with the drama. We ended the night sweating on the dance floor. Lor was definitely in her turf – gliding like a princess under the light of the disco ball. The Belmonte ladies, Auntie Xenia, Millete, Roseanne, my mom, of course, kept all those DIs busy like a bee. Pinky, as well, flirted in the dance floor as she swung left and right with that gayish looking DI. Those who were not as confident as the ladies (i.e. all of us not mentioned above) hid behind the crowd during the square dance.

It was definitely a night to remember. All these would not have been possible if we did not also receive help from our other reliable family members who where bullied at the last minute into doing some other important stuff. Those poor souls included Ate Michelle, who hosted the party so well and outdid the band with her renidtion of the Dancing Queen, and our Malibu Babe, Rina, who prepared a really psychedelic CD cover for our giveaways (shown in the picture above).

Truly this was one of the most enjoyable shindigs that I have ever been into. I hope you enjoy these videos, which were prepared by Ayn.



  1. First of all, welcome back to the blogosphere! 😀 I sure missed you and Pinky!

    That was a fun party to celebrate Tita Dolly’s 60th birthday! I’m surprised you Alabang people ended up at Diliman. Hee hee. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised since “Uncle Sonny” (naks, naki uncle!) is the father of Q.C.! I could have bet there would be a lot of sobbing moments at the party. Tita Dolly must have been really sad again to see all of you go back to KSA.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your vacation adventures, and Marga’s birthday, too!

    Hugs and kisses to y’all! 😀

  2. you’re very welcome! in the words of austin powers, “yeah, baby, yeah!” 🙂 so sorry to have missed this shagadelic party. haha! 🙂

    ps: did tita dollie outdo my “ms. botswana”, circa 1999?

  3. Weng, we’re so glad to be back to our daily routine too. QC was so far but we ended up in Albergus since it was owned by the childhood friend of my sis-in-law, Ayn. Although far, we had no regrets naman. Food was definitely great…even if I forgot what they were… hmmm, does that make sense? I’ll post some updates regarding Marga’s Manila Birthday and our OZ trip soon.

    Rindu, we missed you too. It would have been a blast had you been there. Nope, you definitely still top the list of our Miss Botswana!

  4. loved the videos! keith, what can i say?…gold is your color! nyahaha! 😛

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