Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 29, 2007

The 11th Hour

This is all my fault!

Technically, it\’s just 2 more days before I fly back to Manila and I know I should be really excited about it. It is something that I have been waiting for ever since Pinky and the children left more than a month ago. The thought of being reunited with them is something I was soooo looking forward too. But what is happening now?

Things have been really crazy the past few days. After so many moments of just taking it slow in the office, waiting for my vaction, one of my colleagues dropped me a bomb! He is doing a rush proposal for one of his clients and needs my write-up before I go on leave! My blood rushed to my head and that almost made it explode. Why me?! Actually, it wasn\’t my fault… he is to blame. My colleague is very inefficient and despite the many reminders, which I sent to him about my leave and about all his pending accounts due for review, he still managed to keep everything hidden in his desk until the last minute. That is life here in my office… and life in general here in KSA.

Anyway, I too am guilty of procrastination, which I have openly admitted to all of you before. Before Pinky left, she made me a short list of things to do and buy. Of course, I was so sure I had time on my side, until it reached the 11th hour!

The past few days have been equivalent to longer working hours both in the office and at home. Cleaning the house (i.e. scrubbing the floors and walls, vaccuming the rooms, beds and pillows, ironing mounds of clothes, cleaning the fridge and oven, installing curtains, etc) has eaten so much of my time. I knew I should have done this before but now I have to suffer the consequences of my laziness. Boo hoo hoo!

Anyway, things are looking better for me now. I am hoping that all my pending items will be done by tomorrow, which leaves me a small window on Wednesday morning to just relax and psyche myself up for my flight that evening.

I\’m not sure if I can blog again anytime soon. I will try to give you guys updates while I\’m on vacation.

Until then.



  1. I guess I also have to ask somewhat the same question: Why am I not surprised?? Anyway, hope all’s well that end’s well. See you soon!

  2. Enjoy your vacation, Keith! Mmmmwah! 😀

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