Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 17, 2007

Oink Fest!

Last night I had a very interesting dinner conversation with the Megas. Our topic … things you want to do when you go home.

Of course, being the \”good resto-deprived\” person that I am nowadays, most of the things I look forward too are the sumptous meals that I plan to have when I am back home. It is no fun eating alone so I am dragging Pinky into this dangerous craving that I have, even if it means that she has to gain back all those precious pounds that she has lost from her regular workout sessions.

Listed below are the restos/food that I want to eat during my short vacation in Manila. These are written in no particular order… they all equally share a special place in my cholesterol-filled heart:

1. Spam with rice floating in Pork Sinigang soup;

2. Pork Sinigang with tons of raddish, kangkong and pork fat;

3. Aristocrat Pork BBQ with extra serving of java rice (and a tall glass of Sago and Gulaman) – Serye in Filinvest is a good alternative, though, since I was told it is the same company;

4. Pampanga\’s Best Pork Tocino with lots of red eggs and tomatoes;

5. California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), you rule!;

6. Omakasen Japanese Reso in ATC, bring out the tempura, sukiyaki and sushi!;

7. Calorie Cafe\’s Kare-kare (with lots of bagoong) and for dessert, Saba con Hielo;

8. Jollibee\’s Chicken Joy and KFC\’s Hot and Crispy Chicken with a pitcher of gravy;

9. Yellow Cab\’s Charlie something Oriental Noodles with peanuts;

10. Luk Yuen\’s spareribs, taro puff and siomai … stuff me like a dimsum, baby!;

11. Kimichi\’s Korean Beef Stew … the more tender then better;

12. Fresh Chinese lumpia from ATC;

13. Recipe\’s crispy tilapia, gising-gising and Col Cho\’s chicken… burp!;

14. Starbuck\’s Coffee Jelly;

15. Quickly\’s Taro Ice and Ice Monster\’s desserts;

16. Northpark\’s Nanking Beef with Hongkong style noodles and salt and pepper cuttlefish;

17. Zong\’s Roast Duck!;

18. Tokyo-Tokyo\’s famous Iced Tea;

19. Red Ribbon\’s Palabok with matching chicken empanada; and last but not the least

20. Petite Veguillas\’ lechon kawali with lots of crunchies!!!!!

The list goes on and on. If we still have the money and the clothes to fit us, I also would like to try out one of the yummy buffets in Philippine Plaza, Mandarin Oriental and other hotels in the Bay (wow, feeling!). Weng, which one do you recommend again?!

Anyway, please feel free to expand my list and jolt my memory. I\’m sure I want to try out more restos but these are just the few that immediately come into mind.



  1. Keith, nagutom ako sa entry mo…at nalungkot dahil na-miss ko pa lalo ang mga food s’atin! If you could only go to one hotel buffet, my vote will definitely go to Philippine Plaza! Haaaay, saraaap! 🙂 If you want to save a little, go between Sunday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday will cost you about 300 hundred more per person…not that you need to save! 😀 Happy pigging out!

  2. This blog just gave me the perfect idea for a Christmas gift for you. I will give you the finest California King Size blanket, to wrap around your fat ass. It will surely come in handy when no known human garment will suffice to cover around your lardy jiggly ass after you eat all that food.

    If you finish all that’s in your plate, I will even bump up the blanket to an electric one. ‘Keeps your lards nice ‘n toasty on those cold winter nights.

  3. Weng, sige Philippine Plaza it is. How exciting… hope this pushes through. Thanks for the added tip.. every piece of Peso saved gives you another chance to eat out in another good resto…Baboy talaga!

  4. Dong, I’m surprised at how you are willing to give people gifts for Christmas. I suppose we will have to look for another Scrooge to replace you… hmm that may be very hard though especially after playing the role for the last 35 years!

    I know where all that nasty sentiments are coming from… it’s called ENVY! Mwhahaha! Hide behind the gym and that skinny physique of yours. I know how you love the Aristocrat BBQ with Java Rice and Sago… but you won’t be able to taste it anytime soon… Mwhahaha, again! I’ll make sure I think of how you are salivating while I chew every bit of that yummy BBQ. Hay, getting hungry na tuloy!

  5. You’re right, why ruin my perfect track record of 35 years. Don’t worry, I will keep the torch alive.

    (enter the “chariots of fire” theme song). Me holding on to my greed and running to the bank to make a deposit. Mwahahaha.

  6. wow naman! Talagang pinagutom mo naman ako Keith! But when you do go on the binge while here, please don’t hesitate to call Allan and me to accompany you (in case you pass out after eating all that food, kami sasalo sa natira mo, hehe).

  7. What more can I say? Let out that oinkish squeal of delight! For a complete sensory experience, just imagine Pippo doing his classic imitation of a pig’s deafening cry as it is led out to be slaughtered… Hahaha (or is it Oink-oink-oink!)!

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