Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 13, 2007

Dear Ms Rowling

I hate reading… I really do. For some unknown reason, I can\’t seem to stand sitting down for hours and concentrate on finishing a novel. Horror stories of the reading exercises we had in grade school always flash in my mind. Since my classmates were more advanced in their reading skills, I always felt so pressured to speed read during our exercises that I end up not understanding what I was reading about. My test results confirmed everything – reading comprehension low. To this date I still carry that insecurity. Try reading over my shoulders and you will definitely not hear the end of it.

Fortunately, God is good. He paired me with Pinky, who is the exact opposite. Give her any reading material and that will keep her entertained for a long while. Please believe me, Pinky memorized all the \”A\” words (and meanings) in Webster\’s Dictionary when she was in grade school and she read every possible material about Greek and Roman Mythology before she was 12 – how boring can that be?!

Anyway, as they say… \”you know you married the right person when he/she brings out the best in you.\” Pinky\’s persistence has allowed me to finish (and enjoy) reading several novels by Dan Brown and by everyone\’s favorite, JK Rowling. The Harry Potter series are the only books that I have faithfully read from beginning to end. I have enjoyed following the adventures of Harry, Hermoine and Ron as they learn about and develop their own magical skills and prepare to face the ultimate nemesis… Lord Voldemort. While I am excited to find out what will happen in the last installment of the HP series, I\’m more sad to face the truth, which is that I will have to finally let go of Harry and look for other interesting materials to help me hone my reading skills.

But all is not lost. I still have faith that JK Rowling will read this blog before they finally release the Deathly Hallows on July 21. I am focusing all my convincing skills through this blog and, hopefully, that will yield positive results.

Dear Ms Rowling,

Please, please, please don\’t end it! (for added effect, one tear is slowly dripping down my right cheek). I promise to support all your efforts to oust Oprah Winfrey from becoming again the richest woman in the world – please just keep Harry and his friends alive. All Ms Winfrey cares about are all those African American women who are being oppressed in their own country. But YOU CARE FOR US, the handful of slow readers around the world who have discovered the joy of reading through you wonderfully written novels.

I\’m sure you\’ve already discovered the simplest formula to beat Ms Winfrey and that is … More books = More movies = More happy fans = MORE MONEY!!! Mwahahaha (with matching thunder in background). Come on, we know YOU WANT MORE (money) and you know WE WANT MORE TOO (books)… so please let\’s more! (what the!)

Anyway, Ms Rowling, I\’m sure you get what I mean.



Abdulharry Al-Potter from Dammam (KSA)



  1. I hope I can bring Dondi to read in the same way that Pinky has got you reading. Well, at least I got Dondi to read The Davinci Code. That’s a start diba? 😉 Do let me know if you get a reply from Ms. Rowling. 😉

  2. Hon, you not only seem to have improved your reading skills but your writing skills seem to get better and better as well 🙂 Is that my influence too? Hint,hint! Anyway, truly enjoyed this post… Do hope JK Rowling responds to Abdulharry soon 🙂

  3. Weng, I love the Da Vinci Code. Angels and Demons is also great. Pressure Dondi to read it.

  4. Hon, sige na nga… ikaw na rin yan…. still no reply from JK… three more days before the book release…

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