Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 5, 2007

The Diplomat

I just wanted to share with you guys one of my weirdest experience here in the Middle East. As you are all aware, KSA is very restrictive. The only form of entertainment are parks, malls, beaches and restos. Those who love to have a “good time” end up being crazy here.

Fortunately for us here in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom, we have Bahrain (and yes, I know you all know this by now based on the numerous posts that I’ve written about this “loving” neighbor of ours). Anyway, occasionally we have our bank get-together in one of the hotels in Bahrain. We always end up eating in these Lebanese restos, the highlight of which is not the food but the belly dancers. In Manila, this will be the equivalent of a night out in Airforce 1 or some sleazier place.

My Arab colleagues, of course, always look forward to these activities. We (“single” Pinoys) also look forward to it since it would be a good time to get out of our, for lack of a better word to describe it, invisible prison. I thought our activity last Tuesday (yes, a weekday) would be a drab. The Pinoy waitress in the Diplomat Hotel told us that there were no belly dancers that night. The only entertainment was an Arab band whose repertoire included music from KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and other Arab countries (believe me they all sound the same). We braced ourselves for what would be a very boring night!

All the Pinoys arrived at 9pm eagerly looking forward to the “free” buffet meal. Our Arab colleagues came in at 1030-11pm (as if the invitation did not say 9pm). The seafood buffet was good but what was even better was that one of our bosses said that he will shoulder the tab for our drinks! Yihee, he said the key word…”free” drinks. I am really not a heavy drinker but on this occasion I took advantage… for one we were not paying for it and I really needed something to help me block the irritating music, which was being played by the band.

The dance floor was empty except for the time when my officemates decided to showoff their traditional dance moves. I am not sure how to describe their dance. It felt that they (two or more men holding hands) were trying to do a poor imitation of a Greek wedding dance, ala “Oooompa!”, but in a very unsynchronize way. They were literally marching to different beats. On some instances there would be a dance-off – two men dancing together with either hip-thrusting motion and some slight hand and body movement. There are really no words to describe it (nothing like the “running man” and “roger rabbit” I used to do back then). Fortunately, the alcohol I drank was starting to kick in so when all the Pinoys were forced to dance with them, I felt like John Travolta. I tried to immitate their moves… a little hand movement here and a little thrust there! Take note, someone even commented that I danced very well… I think they were the ones who were drunk!

When the men were sitting down and eating, the single Arab women (read: “business” women)would take their turn dancing (one or two at a time). It was really out of this world! These women were fully covered with their Abayah (but nothing underneath) – the only thing you can see are their eyes and full bodied figure. These women had so much junk in their trunk, I actually thought those black gowns would literally rip open while they girated their asses in front of our Arab colleagues. You could feel how excited my officemates were becoming but they were trying to look reserve. The women tried to tease the men by slightly raising their veil to allow them a few seconds to glimpse their faces. But, to tell you honestly, I couldn’t even see a thing! Some would even unbotton strategic areas in their Abayahs that will allow the men to view their “merhandise” when they did their dance.

I later found out that some of these women succeeded in attracting a few of our colleagues. They swapped notes (written in small pieces of paper) and met outside the resto (far from the view of everyone) to “close the deal.” We ended the night at 2am and drove back to KSA, where we arrived an hour and a half later. Sober now from the booze, I tried to forget my very unique Arab experience in order to prepare myself for work that same morning.

I was an hour late but, needless to say, my Arab colleagues who had more “business” dealings afterwards came in much, much later than we did.

Okay, that’s all for now. Until next time.



  1. Huy Keith ha! Ganyan na pala ang mga gimiks mo ha! I’m dumbfounded. Nyahaha! 😀

  2. Alam mo naman, as long as there are “free” food and drinks then I am ready to go… but the women (and men) there were really out-of this-world… not in a good sense, though.

  3. HOOORAY! I can now honestly say that I enjoyed reading one of you blogs! You’re attitude, sarcasm and insults are very becoming. The self serving and disgust I sense in your choice of words are ever so endearing to me. Such repulsion, I LOVE IT!

  4. The “Invisible Prison” you find yourself in, in this stage of your life can always be comforted by the miracles of alcohol! It’s a magical elixir much loved by men of all walks of life! It does wonders for one’s state of mind during periods of sobriety. Temptations of the flesh are always an added bonus that almost surely comes hand and hand with the booze.

    Take my word for it, as it is a mantra I swear and live by, “The best friends in life are the Gym, Hunger, Alcohol and $ex. The combination of all these four elements, yields the greatest pleasures in life!

    (Just kidding Pinky, don’t kill me. I’m not trying to corrupt your husband).

  5. Dong, you really sound like someone who lives by this mantra of Gym, Hunger, Alcohol and $ex. Unfortunately for me, it is only the Hunger part that I can relate too… Gym, definitely out… Alcohol, only when it is “free”… and $ex, none at the moment! Boo hoo hoo!

  6. HAHAHA! Very good.

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