Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 27, 2007

Marga’s 1st Year Bday Photos

I just wanted to share Marga’s 1st year birthday photos taken in TGI Friday’s, Al Khobar. We had a simple celebration with the Megas and our friends, Ton and Noriel.

We will be having a bigger celebration in Manila when I come home this August. I promise to post more pictures from that event. Until then.



  1. i know marga wasn’t really feeling well on her bday and it’s nice that you were still able to celebrate. 😀 can’t wait for the “big bday bash in manila” photos! 😀

  2. weng, marga was actually down with a bacterial infection on her birthday. these were taken a few days after that.

  3. […] come full circle. Imagine, my daughter celebrated her first birthday in TGI Friday’s (read this) and, after three years, we’re back to celebrate her last birthday in the Kingdom  there […]

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