Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 25, 2007

Prison Break

Its been almost two weeks since Pinky and the children went home to Manila. Since then, this place has turned into a prison (I expect to see some nasty comments coming from my cousin, Dong, who can\’t believe how melodramatic I can be with my blog entries).

I guess living alone is really something I was not meant to do – or rather something I do not enjoy doing. I truly admire those people who have chosen and survived this kind of lifestyle as I know I would have not, especially for prolonged periods of time.

Anyway, thank God for cousins who live close by and who provide good company (especially during dinner). Thank God also for their pirated DVD copy of \”Prison Break – Season 1,\” which has kept me sane during my (temporary) solitary confinement. For several days now, I have been glued to the tube eagerly wanting to know how this great series end. I have finally completed watching it a few minutes ago and, boy, does this show have a million twist and turns. Action packed is an understatement.

To all you people out there who have not yet watched this great show… please get your own DVD copy from BF Ruins and start watching! You are sure to get hooked without a doubt, as have we – the newly established Prison Break Fans Club, KSA chapter.

Megas, thanks for lending me this show. I can\’t wait to start watching Season 2.



  1. How appropriate naman your analogy – parang with your situation now, you also can’t wait to bolt out of your “KSA prison” anytime soon. Don’t worry, in a few weeks, lalaya ka na rin – hahaha! Kita-kita tayo paglabas mo…

  2. hang in there kuya pete! 🙂 if you’re into twists and turns, i suggest watching “24”, it will get you hooked as well. i am now a self-confessed “24” fanatic.

  3. yup, i’m starting my own countdown. 30 more days!

    i have to look for those pirated dvds when i land in manila. how many seasons does 24 have?

  4. they just finished season 6. you don’t really need to have seen the previous seasons tho. i just watched season 6 and was still able to follow the story line. it’s really exciting!!! 🙂

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