Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 5, 2007

Just an Update

It’s officially eight more days before Pinky and the children fly back to Manila for a much deserved R&R. Since they came here last August its been a roller coaster ride of emotions for all of us, Pinky most especially. The major dips coming from the stress of having to nurse Marga back to good health everytime she catches a virus or bacterial infection, which is quite often as you are all aware of.

This week was no exception. Marga became feverish on her1st birthday (last June 3) and is still currently recovering from the illness. We have no idea what triggered her condition but hope that it is nothing serious. Our birthday dinner in TGI Friday’s was cancelled because of the celebrant’s condition so we ended up just ordering food from Domino’s Pizza to complement Pinky’s yummy Garlic Roasted Chicken Pasta (with broccolli) and Apple Pie. We are planning to visit Dr Aida Patridge, her Pediatrician, this afternoon – that is if the weather permits.

The whole Arabian Peninsula is currently on the alert for the possible impact of Cyclone Gonu. It is currently causing havoc in Oman (south of KSA) and may move northeastwards to Iran and the UAE. I am not sure about the details of this werather distrubance but they say it is a Category 5 Cyclone with winds exceeding 200+ km/h. It is the strongest recorded Cyclone to hit the Peninsula over the last 60 years. Although Gonu seems to have weakened and changed directions (i.e. not going to KSA), we are still psyching ourselves up for “the floods.” In this part of the world where the (occassional) strongest rainfall (read: ambon in the Philippines) causes roads to flood, the thought of a Categroy 5 Cyclone can easily cause people to panic (and with good reason too!).

The boys are in the home stretch with 3 more days of school. From their stories, it appears that they are just bumming around in school (i.e. parties and all). Skills test have all been completed and results are all good. We are hoping they will be able to maintain their “A” student status.

Both Luigi and Rafael have been chosen to join again the Model Student parade and to compete in the Knowledge Bowl, which is scheduled this morning. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will win in the Knowledge Bowl contest.

That’s all my updates for now. Please pray that things become better in the coming days so we can start preparing and packing our things for the much anticipated vacation.

On behlaf of Pinky and the children, we all look forward to seeing you soon!



  1. Our hugs and kisses again to Marga! We hope she gets well soon. It must be 1st birthday stress. 🙂

    The weather here is also very erratic. It’s summer yet it rains some days and sometimes with accompanying hail! Very weird for us “tropical people”. But the weather reports here are very accurate, which is very helpful.

    Oh, we look forward to seeing you soon, too! 😀 Happy vacationing in Manila! 🙂

  2. wow, how i wish i was going home too. i’m still unsure whether i’ll make it to marga’s 1st birthday bash…still keeping my fingers crossed. anyway, hope marga is better. she’ll party like a princess when she comes home! 🙂

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