Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 2, 2007

Heart to Heart

Today (well actually tomorrow, 03Jun07) is the 1st year birthday of my dear little princess, Marga. I know I’ve said it a million times before (through this blog) that I can’t imagine how time flies by so fast. It was just like yesterday when I had to fly back to Manila to be with Pinky when she gave birth to Marga. However, even at that tender age, our little princess had a mind of her own – she decided to come out of Pinky’s womb without waiting for me.

Now she is 1 and still making me go crazily in love with her as the days pass. Her ways are truly endearing, I’m sure you will all agree with me when you get to meet her.

Dearest baby, please promise me that you will always be my little girl. I posted this picture to help you remember our heart-to-heart talk and what we have agreed about when you were just barely 1 – no other boys! I’m sure Mama will tell you otherwise especially once you start to blossom into a prettier butterfly. However, I will pray that, when the right time comes, you will be able to read this blog and keep your promise.

I love you very much!



  1. Gosh, you did it again – made me tear up once more with this post – sigh! Is it possible to print this so that I can attach hard copy in Marga’s baby book (to make sure she reads it :))? Good luck, though, with the “no boys but you” rule. With the rate Marga’s going, being “charmingly strong-willed” and all, I bet both of us will have a tough time keeping her admirers at bay. Happy birthday, our sweet little princess!

  2. happy 1st birthday, marga!…from tito dondi, tita weng and abby. 🙂 it’s really too bad we’ll miss your 1st birthday bash. 😦 (we’ve invited ourselves! :)) but not to worry, we made sure to get you a gift/s (last Christmas included!), which is probably already waiting for you at your wowo’s and wiwa’s house. 😀 may you grow up to be a fine young lady. oh, if your papa has a “no boys but him rule”, my little abby can’t date ’til she’s 60! so you two can keep each other company. heehee. our hugs and kisses to you! mmmmwah!

  3. Hon, it will only be difficult to keep those boys away if you allow it! As far as I am concerned they can just admire – but from a really far distance!

  4. Weng, great idea! We should move to the US to make sure that Abby and Marga will be able to keep themselves company. Sige, I think the “you can’t date til your 60” is much more reasonable compared to my “no boys” rule. I think I want to use it too.

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