Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 31, 2007

A view from our window

I just wanted to share the view from our window taken from my celphone. We are located at the central business district of Dammam known as Al Amamrah . The place looks so CNN like (i.e. episodes showing war in the Middle East). The only building towering over the horizon is the Sheraton Hotel, which is the only decent looking hotel in this area.

Most of the condition of the buildings in this area are like the one above. Fortunately, our building is new and looks much better than those shown in the picture.

We have a few shops on the ground floor of our building – similar to those shown behind the buildings on the foreground.

The place really looks depressing especially during the first few weeks and months that you are here. Fortunately, time gives you a better perspective of things. A year and three months here in Dammam makes you so used to the whole environment. I guess it will be part of the many things I will miss if we leave this place.

PS: Next time I’ll try to post pictures of our building/house. Hmmm, I think I should do that soon unless I want to get a nasty email from my mom forcing us to go home! Mom, don’t worry. The place looks better than in the pictures.



  1. NO COMMENT. (Oh GOD, how I want to comment). Can I give my comment? PLEASE! on second thought, maybe I shouldn’t; though I really REALLY want to give my whole hearted comment. Wag na nga.

  2. Better spruce the house a bit first before you post the pics lest you get another pigil na pigil comment like the one above from Dong 🙂 Guess you have all the time to do this during your “solo time” while we are “on vacay” in Manila, right? ;p

  3. Dongi, go ahead. I’m sure what you want to say is not something I haven’t thought of before. I’m sure your aware of my shocking stories when I first landed here in Dammam. Although to tell you honestly, those stories have become less frequent nowadays.

    Pinks, I’ll make sure I do major clean-up first before I do the photos of our house.

  4. Oh don’t get me wrong Pinks, (I thought that baby was the one speaking). I know the house itself is beautiful INSIDE, but it’s the surrounding buildings that’s pictured that looks awful. It’s such a far cry from the world you’re all familiar with. Feel free to come over and cook for me. Your cooking is the most beautiful thing I see there. Merci Beaucoup!

  5. I totally agree Dong… If only we could change the landscape.. Hay, that would have been perfect. Pinky won’t mind preparing her dishes for you, please just send us the tickets : )

  6. 🙂

  7. Weng, well said!

  8. How ’bout I just send you both my LOVE instead of tickets? Tickets are SO impersonal, don’t you think? It’s so coarse and pedestrian to offend by offering the such,…… when all that truly matters is…….LOVE. LOVE… (teka, teka, Masusuka Yata Ako). MONEY RULES! LOVE HURTS!

  9. Dong, your love hurts…so full of meaning. Anyway, nag-titipid ka nanaman!

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