Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 25, 2007

A great day

Yesterday was a great day. I tried to forget that I was turning a year older and instead focused on what we had planned for that day.

Inching my way to wrangler age (i.e. fil-gay lingo for gurang-ler) is nerve wracking. Somehow every year that passes seem like a step closer to being 40 (read: the only age I remember my mom to be in). I know I should be careful in writing down my thoughts especially when it comes to this topic (since I know I have a few matured audiences out there) but I can’t just help think that when my mom was 40 she was an established doctor (or so I thought) and she seemed very old to me! Gosh, I’m officially a day past my 34th and I don’t even think I’ve even started to accomplish things that my mom did when she was my age (of course, I officially have six more years to do that). Stop what you’re thinking! I’m not trying to be humble here or trying to solicit patronizing comments from all of you. It’s just that after almost 10 years of marriage, 3 children (two of which are almost adolescent) and relocating to the KSA, I still really don’t feel old (and I guess that should be great, right?). Somehow, I imagined being mid-30s to be different than what it is now and I suppose I realized that it wasn’t really.

Anyway, please burst that thought bubble and let’s go back to my great day, which started when Pinky and my children surprised me with a new celphone and some beautiful handmade cards. Yes, after years of being stuck in my classic (read: bulok) Nokia celphone (model of which I have forgotten) I am now using an N70 (so many thanks to you, hon). Although I have been really satisfied using my old phone, I just realized that now I am not ashamed to show my new phone (especially to my officemates who have criticized me time and again for having such an antique looking gadget). Hmph! Akala niyo kayo lang!

The handmade cards of Luigi and Rafael were really touching. Somehow it made me feel special and that I must be doing something right as a dad.

Most of the day we were back in the beach, where we ate a variety of Thai food and soaked in the warm Arabian sun. Unfortunately, Pinky and Ge cold not fully enjoy the moment due to local customs. Despite this, I know deep inside they were truly happy seeing all the boys (and Marga) have a blast. The highlight of our beach activity was a 15 minute drive using a 4×4 all terrain motorcycle, which the boys drived recklessly around the shore.

Turning 34 ain’t that bad afterall. Thanks to everyone who called and sent their text and email messages. I really appreciate how you still remembered me despite our being so far away from home. Thanks most especially to my loving wife and wonderful children for making my day (and life) a really great one.

I hope you enjoy our pictures below (please note that this is also Marga’s first official dip in the sea!):



  1. Wrangler or not, I am in for the long haul… Here’s to growing old together and to spending more happy and meaningful birthdays with you! Love you, hon!

  2. Happy birthday again, Keith! 🙂 Cheers! Mwah!

  3. ‘Whew, Oh you know I just turned 24 (TWENTY FOUR)! a few days before you, geriatric. Any hoo, I too share in the same shame of using such an antiquated cellphone. Although I have a very high-tech flip phone, it pisses me off so much, that I chose to revert back to my Nokia 8290. It’s cute! To help you out in your dilemma, I suggest you follow my lead and just call it “RETRO”! See… now people won’t look down on you and talk behind your back for being so behind-the-times. This way you’re actually IN and desirable. But wait a minute-cafe’ng-mainit, now that you have a new phone what the #@^#! am I giving you this advice for!

  4. You’re as white as milk!….well more like a big fat leche-flan to be exact. GET SOME SUN TUBBY!

  5. Pinks, touched!

  6. Weng, thanks again.

    Dong, bwisit ka talaga… but I like the “retro” suggestion. I will use it a few months from now when my new phone becomes obsolete again!

  7. i love the pics! especially of senorita margarita laying so “cleopatric” on your hands. 🙂 hey, 34 isn’t that bad…just think, you’re only 6 years away from 40, where life is supposed to begin. haha! just kidding! anyways, glad you had a blast! cheers! 🙂

  8. Thanks, Rin. I love that pic too. She was really enjoying the moment.

    Thanks also for your bday greeting. I’m not sure though about the Life begins at 40 thingie…

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