Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 23, 2007


It’s the end of the week and things have been quite slow in the office. All the things I need to do before the month end has been completed but are still pending with my less efficient officemates (no names please). Anyway, saw this list from one of the blogsites and decided to fill it up to give you guys an idea of the “brands” that we use. If you do decide to fill up the same list, please send me a message so I can check your site.


1. Shampoo and Conditioner -> Pantene : works miracles on my PhD – pubic hair do!

2. Bags -> Khumbela backpack (how ’80s!)

3. T-shirts -> Any long-back poloshirt (gosh! I’m a fashion disaster – got stuck in the Giordano era… especially the one with a Frog logo)

4. Pants -> Giordano (pa rin) and Bench (Pinoy na Pinoy!)

5. Lotion -> I prefer powder (oops!)

6. Shoes -> Francesco (for black leather) and Skechers (pang Bagets)

7. Socks -> not really particular – uso pa ba yung Golden Toes (the one that is so thin it looks like stockings – hehehe!)

8. Toothpaste -> Unique (ni Aga Mulach)

9. Facial Cleanser -> H2O

10. Make-up -> whaaat!

11. Wallet -> Fino (or Seiko and wallet ng ma-swerte)

12. School Bags -> back to No 2 please

13. Pens -> Pilot (Scribbler or huba-huba or Funny Friends – love the smell)

14. Slippers/Sandals -> I love Birkenstock (but I use the fake one I bought from the weekend Chatuchak market in Thailand)

15. Underwear -> Hanes

16. Watch -> I use Tag Heuer (but I love Swatch!)

17. Pillow Case/Bed Sheet -> basta meron that’s fine with me… they are all the same when I start drooling on them

18. Furniture -> SM Our Home and Tita Au, BF El Grande (I love you! Mwah!)

19. Caps -> I don’t wear them since they really don’t look good on me. Sayang naman ang pag gamit ko ng Pantene.

20. Magazines -> My Home

21. Car -> Chevrolet Trailblazer (but I’m still loyal to Honda)

22. Chocolate -> Jewels (a Dubai branded chocolate), Reeses (the best!)

23. Candy -> Gummi candies – especially the Apple O’s

24. Medicine -> Biogesic (the first one that comes to mind)

25. Popcorn -> Kettlecorm in ATC

26. Motorcycle -> my hopper from H.S. (Pinky and I used to date using this one – feeling cool dude ako noon)

27. Cologne/Perfume -> Armani (or Axe Deocologne, oops!)

28. Swimwear -> Speedo

29. Jewelry -> not really a fan

30. Hotel/s (that you’ve stayed in) -> Mandarin in Manila (where we had our wedding/honeymoon) and Bellevue in Alabang (where we spent many special new years with family)

I thought this would never end… now it’s your turn.



  1. OH GOD! I thought it wouldn’t end either. Nope, I’ll pass, I’m not getting any younger.

  2. You said it right, Dong. You are really not getting any younger! Translation: Gurang ka na!

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