Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 14, 2007


Yesterday, as Pinky was preparing our dinner, Marga and I watched Disney Playhouse\’s Pocoyo. Pocoyo, which in Spanish means \”Little Me,\” is a pre-school animated cartoon series about a very curious young boy dressed in blue. I\’ve seen this show several times before but did not really pay much attention to it… until last night.

Marga was so glued to the TV. I think this was the first time I had a hard time distracting her from doing something else (translation – Marga speaking to me: Yo! move away fat boy, you don\’t exist!). I was heartbroken, to say the least. This boy in blue was competing with me for my daughter\’s attention… and he was winning! Hard as it was for me to accept it, I saw what attracted Marga to this bunch of cute little characters, which included a pink elephant, a cute brown dog and a funny looking duck. They were not only so nice to look at but they were also very funnyand entertaining… at least as far as my daughter and I were concerned.

For those parents who have not yet hooked their children on reality TV (i.e. like what I did to Luigi and Rafael), I highly recommend this show. Giggles from a little girl filled our room during those 30 mins that the show was running and I know that I will hear and see this again soon during our next Pocoyo session. Until then.



  1. i haven’t seen this one yet. 🙂 abby and i will check it out one of these days. our living room tv is always tuned in to “abby channels”: nick jr., playhouse disney and noggin. 😀

  2. Add Pocoyo to BBC’s Big Cook, Little Cook, Teletubbies and Rolie Mo, and we definitely have a sure-fire “Marga Film Fest”! Of course, we shouldn’t forget the STC ad (in Arabic – OMG!), the Que Sera Sera trailer for Gilmore Girls and the new “beautiful balloon” Lux commercial to make Marga absolutely happy 🙂 Oh no, are we turning our little girl into a couch potato too soon?

  3. Weng, I’m sure Abby will enjoy it.

    Pinks, I’m sure you know more about what shows make that girl happy and excited. I think it is time to introduce her to Hell’s Kitchen and American Idol! A toast to the newest member of the Coach Potato family… Mwah ha ha ha!

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