Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 12, 2007

Happy Mother\’s Day!

May God\’s choicest blessings be showered upon all you mothers out there. You are all God\’s instruments in bringing joy and happiness in the family and in the world!

Special Mother\’s Day greetings to my lovely wife, Pinky, and to our own mothers, Mommy Dollie and Mama Petite. The children and I love you all very much and we can not express enough how much you mean to us! May the three of you always look as young and as pretty as you are now!

Love and kisses… Keith, Luigi (aka Keith II), Rafael (aka Keith III) and Marga (aka Keith IV)



  1. Touching na sana yung Mother’s Day post/greeting mo until I came to the end – where you again chose to spread “un-truths” by putting aliases on all our children… Grrrr! Di bale, I will have my chance come Father’s Day in June…Mwahahaha (evil laughter)!!

  2. hahahaha!!! i actually liked the ending! 😀

  3. I only say the truth! No amount of threatening will change the fact that all my children look like me! I’m sure in some other way (not physical, though) they got some traits from you.

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