Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 8, 2007

Bok Bok!

As you all know by now, pork is not allowed here in KSA (I believe due to their religious customs and beliefs). Occassionally, though, we get to sneak in a few kilos of pork from Bahrain (which costs around PHP600 per kilo) to satisfy our craving for Mama Petite\’s yummy lechon kawali.

Beef, lamb, mutton (whatever that is), fish (i.e. bangus, tilapia, hasa-hasa) and other seafood are all part of the staple diet here. However, it is the chicken that really leads the way in terms of being the favorite of everyone.

Unlike in Manila where the beef shawarma is so good, here it is the chicken shawarma that will definitely make your mouth salivate uncontrollably. Whether you buy this in their \”boofiya\” (local counterpart of our carinderia) or in a restaurant, it is a must taste Saudi food.

What is most popular here, though, is the broasted chicken. Every restaurant carries their own version of this very tempting treat. At first glance, it just appears to be like any other fried chicken. However, all those can not compare to the skin-crunchy, juicy, tender and literally \”sarap to the bone\” flavour of a Saudi broasted chicken experience (which is usually served with garlic mayo and flat bread). To top it all, the cost of a regular 4-piece meal is only SR10-12, which by Saudi standard is really cheap. With the exception of Popeye\’s cajun-flavored fried chicken, all other fast food chain (i.e. KFC and the now-closed Saudi branch of Jollibee) pale in comparison to the flavour of the local broast.

Ira, my cute nephew, just loves Bok-bok (especially the one from Herfy\’s, shown in the picture). When we go out, he can finish at least two full chicken breasts topped with cups and cups of steamed white rice. Please note, though, that he is just barely four years old!!!

Anyway, I salute Saudi\’s Broasted Chicken. You definitely put the old Col Sander in so much shame!



  1. Hon, Abu Nawas’ broasted chicken is still tops for me 🙂 Definitely something to “tik-tilaok”, este, “cock-a-doodle-doo” about! 😛

  2. Me too. Yummy! I just couldn’t find a picture of Abu Nawas’ Broasted Chicken so I decided to talk about the next best thing.

  3. Once again, You’re talking about food. I give up.

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