Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 3, 2007

The Star Turns 11

Marga turned 11 months old today.

We celebrated by pigging-out, literally. Pinky prepared lechon kawali, mungo and sipo. The boys, especially Ira, loved the food. Ang galing-galing niyang sumipsip kay Ninang Pinky… \”she cooks so well\” daw. Hmmmm… I think you will be receiving so many Power Rangers toys this Christmas.

Pinky also baked (ooops! prepared pala) strawberry topped (instant) cheesecake. It looked very delicious but the crust was so-so. Anyway, I\’m sure Marga will not remember that part – the photos look great anyway.

We spent the afternoon watching The Narnia Chronicles: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in ISG-Dammam (school of the boys). Every so often, the school converts their auditorium into a make-shift movie theater. The boys had so much fun (even though we watched this movie already last year) especially since they served us Pizza during the mid-movie break.

Pinky will post more pictures in our Multiply site. Please watch out for it.



  1. wow, keith!!!!! Ang laki na ni Marga! And she is so pretty!!!!! 🙂 Inggit ako!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Marga!!! You’re sooo cute!! Mana kay _a_a mo! Bahala ka na Keith kung sino gusto mo lagay dyan sa fill in the blanks! Marga is growing up just like her Mama! Galing manamit ah!! And those shades are soooo cool =)

  3. Correction, Carrie, mas fashionista kaya anak ko sa ‘kin no! Alam mo naman, am just a “plain Jane” (di yung yaya nyo a! Hahaha!) where fashion is concerned. Layo ng style sense ko sa mga Almanzor “wonder twins” (sing-ganda pero di sing-mahal, right? Sipsip ba?).

    Claire, better work on “project baby girl” soon para join ka na sa ‘min ni Peachy!

    Hon, Marga is definitely “star”, este, prima donna material… Just looking at her shot makes me want to say “Utterly fabulous, dahling!”.

  4. Claire, kayang-kaya ni Papa Richie yan!

    Carrie, please add the “P_P_” to your statement. Obvious naman di ba?!

    Pinks, prima donna is so appropriate. Better than the “stariray” I was thinking of. Her picture is missing one more thing, though – her Virginia Slims!

  5. it’s really fun dressing up little girls. that’s actually one thing i’m very conscious about…dressing abby up. 😀 i look forward to marga’s first bday even if we can’t really join in on the fun. hugs and kisses to you, marga! mmmmmwah!

  6. I have to really admit, Pinky seems to really cook delicious foods. Every time I read about the dishes she prepares, I cannot seem to find any flaw (you know I’m all about the flaws). Her combinations sound so delicious and apparently always so abundant. You’re so lucky she cooks so well….. Sorry I can’t say the same for Ima. (sorry ima). I NEED A COOK!

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