Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 21, 2007

Weekend Updates

I just wanted to share some highlights of the things that happened over the weekend:

1. We went to Half Moon Bay last Thursday with the Magallaneses and our friends, Ton Martin and Noriel Baet. The boys, as usual, had a blast swimming in the beach while the adults binged on Pinky’s chicken potato salad and fried (rosemary-marinated) chicken and Ge’s spaghetti with chunky meat sauce and garlic bread (note: pictures to be posted soon).

2. Marga stood by herself for a few seconds inside her playpen. Her two front teeth are also starting to come out.

3. Friday dinner at our flat with the Magallaneses – Menu: “to-die-for” PORKchops from Bahrain (I really mean that in a literal sense), savory Onion Soup (thanks to Knorr, pronounced as Ka-norr in KSA) and freshly baked cinnamon rolls topped with vanilla ice cream (thanks to our ever-reliable Tamimi grocery).

4. Kelly Pickler finally out in AI (oops! very, very old news… Sanjaya is out per Yahoo!)

5. our Passports were finally received from the Australian Embassy in Dubai – tourist visas approved!

Daz-it for now!



  1. What’s up with you and food?! Is there nothing that goes on on your mind except food? Don’t you think you should have LESS of food? I think food wants LESS of you. Speaking of food, give me food. I need food. (end).

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Bwisit ka talaga Dong!

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