Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 6, 2007

A Pet Poem

I just wanted to share Luigi’s poem, which he did for one of his school assignment. I personally think (without bias) that he shows some promise and may become a Poet in the near future. Talagang following his father’s footsteps (ngek!). Pinks, sige this one is definitely from your side.

I will try to post another of Luigi’s poems soon.

A Pet Poem



Gabriel Luis V. Sy

Grade 2 – C

I have a pet rabbit,

Who has a habit

He loves yummy carrots,

And all things orange like parrots

He jumps around my room,

And likes to see flowers bloom

He is color white,

And he sleeps with me every night

He has blue eyes,

Which I find really nice

His name is David,

And he acts like a kid



  1. I know, I know… Please avoid stating the obvious… Hahaha!

  2. Bilis ng reply mo. Just posted this a few minutes ago.

  3. Naks naman si Luigi! 🙂 E kung love poems na ang sinusulat, ipopost mo pa rin ba? Haha! 😉

  4. Hmmm, Weng, something to think about. Yup, I guess I would to blackmail my son into doing what I want.

  5. Hey, I too had a pet rabbit. It’s white, has pink eyes and big floppy ears. We used to chase and beat it around with a broom-stick. Spraying it with sharp-jet setting from the hose nozzle didn’t hurt either, until it dropped dead.

  6. How brutal! It is so you, Dong. Always inflicting pain on others (pets included). Hmmm, I think I shouldn’t go that far. Other people are reading this site too. : )

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