Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 2, 2007

10 and getting more active!

Marga is 10 months old today. She is such a pretty little devil… ooops! angel, pala. I suppose, as most kids her age, you can not leave her by herself. Once she realizes that you are not paying attention to her, she will scream her lungs out until you go crazy. Immediately after you get her, she will suddenly flash a pretty little smile that will instantly make you forget what kind of ordeal you just went through.

She has also become very active. I list below some of the things that she can do now:

1. can wave “bye-bye”

2. can do “close-open” with her hand

3. can do “flying kiss”

4. can eat the potatoes in Pinky’s Mechado

5. can crawl very quickly

6. can stretch upwards and attempt to climb over bed railings

7. can scream and shout so loud it will drive you crazy

8. can throw things that don’t tickle her fancy

9. can kick so strong when she lying in bed

10. can scream and shout so loud it will drive you crazy (did I say that already?)

So what do you think? Cute? Not!



  1. Haha! Cutie cutie naman ni Marga! Newsflash…Pinky will not be able to leave Marga by herself for a long long time. 😉 Let’s make that our little secret, ok? Shhhh.

  2. Keith! I thought that was Tasha you were describing! hahaha. pwde sila maging kambal. Tasha is so demanding. I have been trying to leave her at Tita Irene’s house as I have been job hunting lately… Ayun, kapit tuko pag dumadating ako. She’s not so used to people, as you know, its just me and Tasha most of the time before. Maybe un pagkakaiba nila ni Marga. Big hugs to cute Marga!!! By the way, she’s looking more like you as she grows older. (Did I just hear clapping of ears?)

  3. Weng, that’s actually an open secret, as I’m finding out now as Marga is becoming more and more active and clingy at the same time. I only pray that God gives me the energy to keep up with our little spitfire!

    Carrie, you bet super “palakpak tenga” si Keith – he has always been declaring that ALL our kids look like him daw (kapal talaga! hehehe!). See you in August, visa-permitting…

  4. Yes, I know she looks like me! Yabang!

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