Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 26, 2007

Our first date

A few days back, Pinky and I had our very first date as a couple – i.e. without Luigi, Rafael and Marga. Actually, it wasn’t really a romantic date since we were just going to the grocery. But after seven months of being glued to our children (not by choice but by circumstance), our few hours alone in the grocery was a very much welcomed treat.

Ge and Rinel, thank you so much for volunteering to take care of our children – even for just a few hours. We really appreciate the gesture.

We look forward to your next baby sitting session – hopefully next time you will muster the courage to take care of our children for a longer time – say may be overnight? Hmmm… just wanted to know how far you will go.

In case you also need some time off for yourselves, we will be more than willing to take Ira in with us. Just yeller!



  1. Kami rin, forever na yatang threesome palagi…Dondi, Abby and me. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂 If ever Dondi and I get to “escape”, it’s but for a few minutes and usually just a trip to the grocery. Our last “date” was a few minutes at Starbucks in February last year. 😀 When you come and visit us in Texas, we’ll gladly look after the kids while you and Pinky are out on a date. 😉

  2. You bet I relished every minute we spent together sans the kids! Not that I ever regret being with them – it’s just that some alone time without them can also be good for one’s soul and sanity at times, right? Couldn’t have imagined this was ever possible here in the kingdom. God is truly good for sending us the “Magallanes angels” (hehehe!). Till our next date (wishful thinking!)…

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