Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 20, 2007

And the cycle begins once more

A good friend of mine just came home for a vacation in the Philippines the other day. His first update to us reflects so much how most, if not all, Filipinos feel while they are away from their loved ones back home.
After months and years of being separated from their families, most Pinoys here just try to cope up by buying presents for their families in the Philippines – hoping that all their hardship and loneliness will be gone when they see the smiles that they paint on their family’s faces when they eventually come home for a vacation.
Upon seeing your family, reality sinks in and you realize how quickly your children have grown. All your fears have been validated – you were not there to share in their experiences and see a big part of their lives. Seeing your children grow up without you is so difficult. I’m sure it is every parents dream to give the best to their children – but sometimes the price we have to pay for that is just too much for any parent to handle.
In the end, all good things must end. After weeks of happiness with their family, each OFW must again face the music and head back to their very mundane lives – far way from their loved ones. The cycle begins once more.
Since I did not ask my friend’s permission to do this, I will just share with you some portions of his letter. Hope this helps you understand what most of our countrymen are going through.
” musta na kayo? hope you are all doing good, ok naman ako, andito na ako sa pinas, sobrang saya ko at walang naging problema sa byahe maliban sa bagahe ko na excess,,, hehehe asus doon pa ako nag halukay ng mga bagahe para ilipat ko sa hand carry ko, di ko alam ang feeling,, tapos delayed and flight ng etihad,, ggrrr kung kelan ka atat na atat na makauwi saka pa na delay,,”
“masarap ang kain sa etihad,, sarap ang sandwich, dami tao,, dami umuwi,,, syempre sarap lalo ng dumating na sa pinas, talagang sinusubukan ang pasensya ko,,, ang tagal ba naman ng bagahe ko lumabas,, akala ko nawala na, inip na inip na ang mga sumusundo sa akin,,, pero nawala ang inip nila ng ibigay ko ang mga pasalubong ko… ”
” asus six months lang akong nawala, biglang lumaki ang mga anak ko…nakakalungkot din dahil ewan ko ba,, parang sobrang miss ko na sila,,, ganon talaga pala ang feeling,, nakaka baliw,,,pero nakakatuwa,,, di ko ma imagine kung pano ako babalik dyan,


  1. It’s really hard to be separated from loved ones. It’s doubly hard to realize how much one’s children has grown and not having been a big part of their growth. Sad ‘no? Count your blessings, dear! 🙂 P.S. You must be better now since you’re blogging again. Pinky told me how you all got sick. 😦

  2. Couldn’t help but hear Gary V’s “Babalik Ka Rin” in my head while I was reading your post – hahaha! This also made me realize how blessed we are for being together in this foreign land – it does make things lighter and seems like its easier to cope with challenges which come our way…

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