Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 12, 2007

The Queen

Pinky and I, together with the chikitings, watched \”The Queen\” last night in the comfort of our home through Orbit\’s PPV (i.e. Pay-per-View). I really don\’t like watching movies in the house mainly because I tend to doze off in the middle of the show. However, this movie was something Pinky and I have long been waiting for – especially after seeing how Helen Mirren, the Queen herself, has been winning all the best actress awards this season for her portrayal of Elizabeth. Of course we would have preferred to watch this in one of the big screens in Bahrain. However, I don\’t think this is something the boys will enjoy watching (note: the boys fell asleep in the middle of the show).

The movie is about how the British Monarchy (with the help of the then newly elected Bristish Prime Minister, Tony Blair), handled the sudden death of the People\’s Princess (Diana) back in 1997. Elizabeth, who wanted to protect her grandchildren from the all too eager people who wanted to cash-in on this tragedy (i.e. the press), tried to control the situation by refusing to make any public appearances or remarks about how the Institution was handling this loss. However, by doing so, this raised more criticism from the British public. People started to question the Monarchy – with some groups even going as far as thinking of totally removing them from power. Mr Blair was more in touch with the sentiments of the public and through his help the British Monarchy survived what is arguably one of the most difficult times of Elizabeth\’s reign.

Hellen Mirren was really deserving of all those awards. I am really not a movie critic but her portrayal of Elizabeth was so realistic and moving (as if close ako with the Queen). She showed the strength, firmness and the occassional softer side of the Queen. The actor who played Tony Blair, Michael Sheen, was also good.

If you guys have the time, try to catch this movie.



  1. You forgot to mention how the film touched a sentimental chord in “British Chinese” (as what you always declare you are) like you – mwahahaha! Moreover, it brought you back all those bittersweet memories of your princess (admit it, you are a “closet” Diana fan!). Am I right or am I right?

  2. Who would not admire a person like her? Yes, the movie did remind me of the glory days when I was still part of the commonwealth. By the way, I was from the mainland not HK!

  3. Keith, you’re like my Mom. It’s hard for her to watch a movie in full at home. She ends up closing her eyes and when she opens them, credits na! 🙂 I want to see all the Oscar nominated films. But I’ll have to watch them at home. I only get to go to the movie house if the movie is animated. 🙂

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