Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 10, 2007


Our children, Luigi and Rafael, have started to become conscious of their appearance. Quite recently, they have been using my ’80s must-have (i.e. my gel) to groom and style their hair. Luigi, in particular, has been very brave in trying out a new do – spike, that is. He mentioned to us during our breakfast this morning that he was keen on dropping that “cutie” image of his and wanted something more strong… hmmm…

Rafael too has followed suit. He has also, on some occassions, applied the wonder gel to transform his hair to either look like a very decent school boy (as in properly brushed into one side) or a very “cho-mach” look (as in hardcore spike).

We try to let the boys have their own personal discovery but also make sure that we put our foot down when they go overboard. This morning, Luigi was all praise for one of his classmates who dyed a portion of his hair yellow – for him, this was like the epitome of coolness. Of course, even if we were not sure if he was implying that he wanted the same hair style, Pinky and I reacted with a big “No!” Nip it in the bud, ikanga.

Anyway, I’m sure we will have more of these types of stories as the boys start to reach puberty. Stay tuned.



  1. Guess the boys are growing and maturing more quickly than we expected… I admit Luigi’s comment that he hated being called “cute” with matching pinching of cheeks has taken me aback. Ganito pala feeling ng tumatanda! Hehehe!

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