Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 9, 2007

BZ Weekend for the Magallaneses

Ge and Ira spent their first weekend here in the Kingdom. So far, so good. The feedback we have received from them was much better than what we expected… Ira loves the “bok-bok” (referring to the broasted chicken, the favorite meal of Pinoys here in the Kingdom) and Ge found the place (Dammam) cleaner and nicer than what she imagined.

Like us when Pinky and the boys arrived last August, Rinel fortunately got his new car within a day after Ge and Ira landed. This made it easier for them to go around and check the local sites… i.e. rotundas, corniche, grocery and the mall (exciting, no?!). After unpacking all their stuff from Manila, they went to the ever-reliable City Plaza to buy a few things for their house.

Yesterday, Ge and Ira got a chance to attend their first service in Aramco. Ira was so excited during the service (not because of the sermon of Father Paul) but because he wanted to try out the newly renovated playground of the Dhahran Hills Academy. Marga, Ira and I (collectively known as the Power Rangers SPD) went out during the mass to go to the playground. A few stairs, swings and slides kept the energy level of these two Rangers (and my unwanted calories) down to a more subtle level.

Our first weekend lunch was spent in our favorite Thai Resto, Phuket. Ton Martin, my NCB colleague, joined us as we feasted on Wanton Soup, Roast Duck, Red Curry Beef, Mixed Vegetables, Tempura and Broasted Chicken (guess who for?). In a scale of 1-10, Phuket’s ambience is only a 3 but the food is an 11! Really, yummo!

This is just the first of our many desert adventures with the Magallaneses here in the Kingdom. We look forward to enjoying this place with you – Ge, Ira and Rinel!



  1. What can I say? The more, the crazier! Hahaha! Kidding aside, having the Mega-Magallaneses here is truly a blessing – they are a welcome addition to our KSA family!

  2. Yipee! New playmates for you guys! 🙂 Thai resto serving tempura? Hmmm. If it’s an 11 in a scale of 1-10, puwede talaga!

  3. One of the many weird things, Weng.

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