Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 13, 2007

Thanks, Chuckie!

Just a few minutes after I posted my last entry (Trivia), I decided to explore what Wikipedia was capable of. To my amazement, this online encyclopedia has so much information! I was so surprised to see details of the most “jolog” people in Philippine Showbizdom popping out of my screen.

I don’t want to disclose too much details of who I have been reading about. But this includes personal information about Philippine Artists like Marielle (aka Lilet, of the famous Coca-Cola Commercial in the 80’s) and Chuckie… yes, Mr Dreyfuss.

Yes, I know I should stop right there but I can’t help but share another great find. This most embarassing past time led me to a Eureka! moment. After reading the Wikepedia write-up of Mr Dreyfuss, I found a link to his personal blogsite.

Stop! I know what you’re thinking.. “Omigosh! He went to the blogsite!”

I am so tempted to lie right now but I can’t. Yes, I am guilty! But, in fairness to Mr Dreyfuss, his blogsite was actually very entertaining. There were no details about his past life in That’s Entertainment! It was just more rambling thoughts about his family and other day to day things. What I liked most about his site was the link to the personal blogsite of Mr Bo Sanchez, which I am sharing with you guys (yes, this is the Eureka! moment). I hope you enjoy exploring (lurking) on Mr Sanchez’ blogsite. I will include his blogsite in my own blogroll for future reference.

Please click on this link to access Bo Sanchez’ Blogsite => Bo Sanchez



  1. What the? Don’t really get this… please spell it out for me. How in the world is Chuckie Dreyfuss related to Bo Sanchez?

  2. I really have no idea… just saw Bo’s site in Chuckie’s blogroll.

  3. Got it now – you discovered Bo because of Chuckie. Must’ve sent you the comment way too early – before you completed your blog. Sorry, excited lang!

  4. Aminin mo na, you miss the That’s Entertainment people so much kaya you want to see what they’re up to these days! 😉 I’ve been to Bo Sanchez’ blog site before and you’re right, it should be added to our blogrolls. He is such a great speaker and writer. Very inspiring. 😉 I have an assignment for you…search for the T.G.I.S. people naman. Haha!

  5. Hmmm…good idea… TGIS fan pa naman asawa ko! By the way, Pinky lurked in Chuckie’s blogsite and ended up in Camille Prats, KC Concepcion and Agot Isidro’s sites. I’m sure people will now want to do the same!

  6. Hey Keith, nakakahawa na tong showbiz talks ha…Like you I ended up bios of the members of thats including Marielle..hahaha.Pero Chuckie?? My my my…thats going overboard. =)

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