Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 11, 2007

So far so good…

I just read a blog from Munchkin Mommy and found out that my cousin-in-law, Dondi, recently moved to the US of A due to a good work opportunity. His family will soon follow him in two months time.

It then reminded me of our own decision to also accept an offer for me to work for a well-known local bank here in the K of SA and eventually relocate my whole family a few months after I arrived.

My first year anniversary here in the Kingdom is coming up soon (Feb 28). Since I arrived last year, it has been a roller coaster ride for me – the first few months being the worst. Aside from being away from my family, the difficulty of having to adjust to a new (and extremely conservative) environment and to a really “unique” set of people were tops. It made the big drops in those American Roller Coasters seems so easy to take! Looking back, I don’t know if I could have endured all those ups and downs if my loving wife and beautiful children decided to just stay in the Philippines.

Despite all the challenges we faced, I must say that, so far, this is one decision that I personally don’t regret (note: Pinky will have to write her own comments separately). You have all been witnesses to how we have lived here in the Kingdom. So far, I know I have personally matured and learned to take more responsibility in raising my family. Unlike before when Pinky and I had to both work to provide for our needs, this move to KSA has given me the opportunity to be the sole provider for our family’s needs. I know it is so nerve wracking to think that (especially since I am working here on a contract basis) but we remain confident that God will always provide for our needs and that He will also protect our source of income. Call me Shallow Hal, but there is a different kind of fulfillment that you get when you can financially provide for all your family’s needs (and the occassional “I want”). I’d like to think that Pinky has also found her own fulfillment in serving our family more and seeing our children grow up everyday.

It has been a good ride so far. Challenging and scary as it may seem, I look forward to another happy year in the Kingdom.

I hope you continue to stay tuned for more of our KSA adventures.


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  1. Amen to that! No regrets so far (notwithstanding my dishpan hands and hair screaming for a good haircut and treatment!) – hahaha! Kidding aside, inspite of the minor inconveniences that we experience here at times, I believe that us being together and facing this new adventure as a family has helped strengthen the bonds of love, respect, understanding and patience in all of us. Looking forward to winging the next “roller-coaster” year with you. Love you and we are all so proud of you! Mwah!

  2. I honestly think that it’s every woman’s “secret wish” to be a stay-at-home-mom, be pampered and be well taken cared of and not have to worry about reaching the top of the career ladder, women’s lib notwithstanding. (Right Pinks?) 😉 Soon, Pinky and I will be exchanging secret DD handshakes. Haha! Congratulations to all of you…you especially for bravely taking this “leap of faith”! Life’s challenges are so much easier to handle when you have a loving and supportive family with you. I’m very sure that God will continue to see you guys through because He is truly good. 🙂 God bless you all!

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