Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Uncle E!

Just wanted to greet my dearest Uncle Ernie an advance Happy Birthday!

I’m sure, if you are not a relative of mine or Pinky’s, it is very probable that you would be raising your eyebrows right now with a thought bubble screaming “Duh?!”

Just so we are all in the same page, Uncle Ernie is the husband of my mom’s oldest sister, Auntie Barty. We used to live in one street (Lirag) before they moved to Alabang Hills in the 90’s. Both my Auntie and Uncle treated me and my sibblings like their own children (they have 5 of their own). They un-officially adopted us when my mom and dad separated.

Uncle Ernie was our dad. Among the many things that he has given us, I specifically remember him spending time with us especially when we needed help learning our Algebra, Physics and other advance math lessons. Although, to tell you honestly, I was quite terrorized with those tutorial sessions, especially since I still couldn’t comprehend a word my Uncle said, the gesture was very much appreciated.

Another thing, which I like about my Uncle is that he always brought me (and my brothers) along during their annual family trips to Baguio or Bicol. Those vacations formed a big part of my childhood. Once, I remember having a bum stomach in one of our many trips to Baguio. Since I wasn’t feeling well, I decided to sleep while on the way up to the famous Kennon Road. It was then that my system decided to go berzerk and decided to leave a trail of foul smelling substance in the car. Everyone was so freaked out (including myself). I was literally in deep shit! Despite that, Uncle Ernie did not say a word – most probably because he was trying to conserve whatever air was left in his lungs or was just trying to let me keep whatever dignity was left in me. He cleaned the car when we reached our destination. That was the first (and only) time I saw my Uncle smoke a pack of cigarettes.

Everytime we would go abroad, my Uncle Ernie would always drop by our house to give us a few extra mullah to keep in our wallets I’m pretty sure no one from his family knew this but it was a very nice gesture that he did to us and to my mom, who I know spent so much just so we can see different parts of the world.

My Uncle also stood as our main man of the house. During my “pamamanhikan” he was there to give support to my mom and guide me on what to do. Although, I remember stattering like crazy when he finally said that it was time for me to ask Pinky’s hand, it was still nice to know that he was there to throw in a good word for me in case Pinky’s dad, now my father-in-law, said “No!”

When we were looking for people to support us in our decision to move to KSA – he was always there behind us. Although, admittedly, he had a very difficult time convincing my mom, who up to this date is still mad at me for moving to the Kingdom

Uncle, thank you for being instrumental in molding me into who I am now. I’m sure words are not enough to tell you how grateful I am to you (and Auntie Barty) for all the things that you have done for us. I’m sure my mom and brothers share in the same sentiments.

We love you very much Happy birthday!



  1. Keith, your Uncle Ernie is such a blessing to your family. I can relate in the sense that I have an aunt, Tita Luming, my mom’s elder sister, who looked after my brother and me while my parents were at work. In grade school, she would bring us lunch to school and pick us up when classes ended. In high school and college, she pretty much just kept us company in our old Sampaloc home (we went home to Antipolo only on weekends.)! 🙂 God is good in giving us “extra” parents. 😉

  2. Weng, we are so lucky to have our extra parents around. The others should be envious of us!

  3. Hi Keith, Thats so sweet of you to remember and appreciate your Uncle Ernie. I’m sure he’s a proud uncle to the three of you. God is really good. =)

  4. Thanks, Carrie.

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