Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 3, 2007

I can’t believe!

Today is the 8th month birthday of my dearest little darling, Marga. Since she arrived in our lives, I’ve had so many “I can’t believes.”

I can’t believe how time flies so fast. It just seemed like yesterday when Pinky called me to say that she was going into labour and that she couldn’t wait anymore for me to come home. That was our very first indication that our little Angel had a mind of her own… that no one can stop her especially if she wanted to do something!

I can’t believe that it was just like yesterday when our baby would quietly sleep beside her mother feeling contented with the all nourishment that she got from her breasts. Now, she demands to be carried most of the day, hates to be left alone and wants to be fed with table food (not processed baby food!).

I can’t believe how I’ve missed the times when I would change our baby’s diaper without having to hold my breath. Now, good luck to you if you don’t! That green and yellow stuff is just enough to blow you away.

Despite all the changes that have happened in the past eight months (and, take note, the ones I mentioned are just a few), the only thing that has not changed is how my daughter’s lovely smile brightens up a bad day or how she is able to get you to do anything she wants with just a simple look at your face and an occassional scream! I don’t know how and why you do it, baby, but I’m glad you do.

Happy birthday!



  1. Hon, God surely whipped up one neat bundle of joy when He gave us Marga 🙂 Our lives have been truly enriched with the coming of our little princess. I only pray that she grows up to be a loving, responsible and charitable child of God. Happy 8th month, darling girl! We love you very much!

  2. Happy 8th month to Marga! You guys still have a lot of exciting times to look forward to. Mwahahaha! 😉

  3. Happy 8th month birthday pretty baby! She’s surely is the princess of the Kingdom. hahahaha! I am sure she’ll grow up good and behave like her 2 kuyas.

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